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Centrifugal Force
The cage of the death
Information Files
Author: mrdirectx
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Apr 2006
Last Updated: 19 Apr 2006
Views: 58651
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.3 (10 votes)
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One cage in order to test Centrifugal Force
armandoxifick commented over 11 years ago:
this sh*t dont work i installed it CORRECTLY I KNOW HOW TO MOD AND IT DONT WORKS LEARN MAKE MODS :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky:
madmod commented over 12 years ago:
i open exe file and i install it with that exe but in sa it isnt there the cage... :cry:
1996rasse commented over 13 years ago:
what readme? there is no readme!
grayfox1992 commented over 16 years ago:
find out its diminsion's and make a car like a bullet or ngr-500 to hint speed do it with the two player and make two car spawn
Teraku commented over 16 years ago:
For me it is quite easy to get cars into there, its called m0d_s0beit 3.53. It has functions such as airbreak, that allows me to actually noclip cars into there, btw to get bikes into there just bunnyhop with ur bike into the marker. It will work. And of course i have apart folders for GTA SA and SA:MP so i use things like s0beit in GTA SA and i mod there too, but i dont mod or whatever in SA:MP, all SA:MP hackers must:die:!
cheeseballbob commented over 16 years ago: do we get vehicles into there?
Gambit boy commented over 16 years ago:
how can uninstall it?:nervous:
hsv_v8 commented over 17 years ago:
what the hell!? i installed it and it stuffed my game. i did exactly what the readme said!!!!!!
namnet commented over 17 years ago:

I found out how to enter the bowl, just walk into the yellow marker in, Groove Street, in front of Ryder's house ...
namnet commented over 17 years ago:
How to come into the bowl ????
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