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Bank Robbery
Easy (Medium and Hard: Work in progress)
Information Files
Author: rickos
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 12 Feb 2011
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2011
Views: 16609
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.50001 (8 votes)
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.::Mission info::.
You begin at the highest building of Los Santos, buy you don't know how you get there. When looking around you see a new kind of bank. And think in yourself let's rob it. Then you go to the bank, enter it and kill the first guard. Then take the money and there is another guard coming, you must kill it too. Then you leave the building and you have wanted level(Easy:3 stars. Medium:4 stars ans Hard: 5 stars). Outside you must enter a car and drive back to Grove Street.
1. Download DYOM (You can download it here: 2. Install DYOM 3. Put the DYOM0.dat file in GTA San Andreas User Files 4. Rename DYOM0.dat to DYOM4.dat (you can choose also an other number at the end.) 5. Start GTA SA 6. Click on new game and then on ''Design Your Own Mission'' 7. Press in game ''Y'' and press ''space'' when the menu pops up. 8. Then choose ''Load Game'' and choose ''Bank Robbery'' 9. Choose ''Play Mission'' and have fun!
.::Extra mission info::.
Extra info about the mission (From DYOM site)
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commented over 4 years ago:
hey dude love the mod :D hope you can finsh it.
dimitrizatplayz commented over 6 years ago:
Ricko[NO] PTP?By the way looks Good! :D
Manned commented over 7 years ago:
Sounds great :turn:
rickos commented over 7 years ago:
Thanks for your comment I'm making an other version of the mission: Medium and Hard. Medium: 1 Guard can't be killed with a headshot and both guards has more health. Hard: Both guards has maximum health and can't be killed with headshot + Higher wanted level. :die:
Manned commented over 7 years ago:
Well, the text is true. It is easy. 4/5 not bad at all :) Have a cat bread :catloaf:
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New work in progress: I'm making now the medium and hard version of it. Medium: 1 guard can't be killed with headshot, both guards have more health, and wanted level 4 after robbing. Hard: Both guards have max. health and can't be killed with headshot, after robbing 5 stars wanted level and your escape car(after robbing) isn't indestructible anymore.

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