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EFSA: Familier
0.1 Demo released!
Information Files
Author: MC Vic
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1 Demo
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 11 Feb 2011
Last Updated: 16 May 2011
Views: 10995
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 3.6 (10 votes)
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WARNING: TO WORK, THE MODIFICATION REQUIRES Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5. Make sure that the service pack is on your computer or download and install it.
If you don't have it, you can't use the auto installer, but you can install it by hand from install\mymod folder.

This modification requires a clean (no mods) GTA San Andreas, but after installing the mod you can play in both the conventional SA, and GTA Familier.

1. Start Familier (ENG). Exe and follow the instructions in the installer.
2. Go to your folder GTA San Andreas. There appeared a file Familier.exe. Run it to play Familier (you can copy a shortcut on the desktop). If you want to play the usual SA, run the old gta_sa.exe.

This modification makes many changes to the familiar world of San Andreas:
-New player
-New character models
-New peds
-New weapons
-New Grove Street
-New loading screens
New story line of the 4 missions (0.1 Demo) with cut-scenes and text.

The idea - LikeBAX, Conrad
Storyline, missions - LikeBAX
Textures - Navetsea, Lahori MUnda Rocks, LikeBAX, Fourth_Horseman, wxjsnake, Cheezee Pie, Thiaz, Lil B, Artur$MD, Bllock, karlike15, CJDemon, SlA
Models - Thiaz, Lil B, Artur$MD, Adyshor34all, Bllock, GinoPinoy, THREE6MAFIA, Lost_Forever, SlA
Weapons - LikeBAX
Translation - LikeBAX, DimanZh, DeViL
Settings - CripBK
Art - DeViL, BabkaRamma

NTAuthority for CLauncher, allowing you to play just two games in one game folder
Alexander for mod auto installer
katya for clean main.scm
DK22Pac for help with scripts

Familier is a continueing of Back 2 Los Santos mod (New Edition is coming... ). Back 2 LS mod was released only in Russia in 2006.

San Andreas, 1961. Joe Bucket, the leader of Los Santos Street Racers, the greatest SA gang from 1956 to 1961, made a deal with Conrad's ennemies, Triads. Morgan, another street racer and Conrad's friend, tried to stop Joe, but he didn't. So Conrad rescued Morgan and took him to the hospital.
Then the Triad leader came to the hospital, but he thanked Conrad and Morgan that they killed Joe and presented them a blue Greenwood.
Conrad don't remember nothing about his past life, because he has an amnesia. But Morgan knows much about Conrad.
Conrad and Morgan came to Conrad's friends, they didn't meet for 5 years. They are working at the SF garage. When Conrad told them that Joe is dead, they decided to get Ganton back.
So, they fought with the racers and got Ganton back.
And they decided to make a gang, named Grove Street Families.
The leaders of the gang was Scarfface, Reece and Conrad.
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New main.scm
Now I work on 100% main.scm, before the 3rd mission was completed, I used ZAZ's stripped main.scm with external scripts. I am writing every mission an test it using CLEO, and then I port it to main.scm.

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