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New Missiles
New missiles for GTA:SA!
Information Files
Author: mleer58
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Many
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Dec 2010
Last Updated: 16 May 2011
Views: 62137
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.64707 (34 votes)
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I think the standard missile in GTA:SA is a little boring. It's just a tube, four tips and a sphere...
So, I made a few new models you can choose of!

Missiles that are on the list:
The missiles you can choose are: - Standard FGM-148 Javelin missile. Costs: $80, 000 - Standard FIM-92 Stinger missile. Costs: $45, 000 - An on-board plane missile (I don't know the name exactly, it's probably called the AA-9). Costs: $40, 000 - An AA-2, also a plane-carried missile. Costs: $30, 000 - A BAT missile, this was a prototype missile wich never has been active. (Completed) Costs: $Unknown - A SAM-Site missile. Costs: $Unknown - And maybe more! Hope you like it! You may request me for missiles! Maybe more missiles I will be working on soon: - The BGM-71 series Missiles. These are Anti-Armor Missiles, fired from vehicles or launchers. This serie contains the TOW, ITOW and the TOW2. Over 600, 000 BMG-71 Missiles have been produced in less than 30 years. The missile is active in over 40 nations! Costs: $70, 000 - The M202 Flash Missile. This is the Grim Reaper's Missile, most common as explosive device, but could also explode as Napalm (maybe I try to make a script for that). Costs: Up to $5, 000 - The AT4 Missile, fired from the AT4 series launchers (which does not contain the AT4-HS from MW2, because the Swedish AT4 does not have lock on). Costs: $Unknown - The AT8 Bunker Buster Missile, also fired from an AT4 Launcher. Costs: $Unknown - An AGM-117 Hellfire Missile, also known as the Predator Drone Missile. This is an AGM (Air to Ground Missile. Costs: $58, 000 - A LAHAT Missile, an Israelian Missile (LAser Homing Anti-Tank). Costs: $20, 000 Requested missiles: By MR.Y: - The Sidewinder missile. This is a plane-carried missile. - The AMRAAM. This is a plane-carried missile, too. By Rubynator: - The SA4, a huge radar-guided missile. Don't know if this is gonna work :dozing:
Missile that are work in progress:
- The BMG-71 Series Missiles. - The TOW (Complete) - The ITOW (Complete) - The TOW2 (WIP) Those missiles will be released as one pack, the BGM-71 Mod Pack :D
Missiles that are done, but still have to be improved are:
- The SAM-Site Missile (Game crashes when firing :()
Missiles that are fully completed, but have not been uploaded:
- The BAT Missile (srry I have not tested this one yet :() - The AMRAAM missile (I still have to test it)
Missiles that you are able to download are:
- The FGM-148 Javelin Missile (v1.0) LATEST RELEASE - The AA-9 Missile (v1.0 and v2.0, remake) - The FIM-92 Stinger Missile (v1.0) - The AIM-9 SideWinder Missile (v1.0) - The WWII Missile, for use with WWII Plane mods (v1.0) If any of these missile have bugs or you think they let you GTA:SA crash, then don't be afraid to drop some words! I want to give you the best, so please PM or leave a comment!
Other projectiles:
New Bombs: This mod page is coming soon, you can read more about them on my blog.
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commented over 4 years ago:
can you make a cleo missiles for police maverick and cargobob so that i can replace them with militery attack helicopter mod and have the ability to shoot.
commented over 4 years ago:
can you make a cleo missiles for police maverick and cargobob so that i can replace them with militery attack helicopter mod and have the ability to shoot.
Dinu commented over 5 years ago:
Nice btw Can you make the SMAW rocketlauncher - HEAT Missile? :r*: :rah:
Danis62 commented over 6 years ago:
Great! :beerhat: :beerhat:
Dustkiller commented over 6 years ago:
hell yeah... new bombs!! cant wait for that mod :p
Ace of aces commented over 6 years ago:
Can you make an SWBM(SHOCK WAVE BALLISTIC MISSILE) :rah: :rah: form ace combat X and X2 :rah: and eat this :cookie: :catloaf: :breadfish:
CrazyRussian commented over 6 years ago:
Please, make RPG-7 PG-7V, TBG-7V and OG-7V rockets!
yudra007 commented over 7 years ago:
hey! meet again! nice missle
hesoyam123 commented over 7 years ago:
can you make agm-65g maverick or agm-85 harpoon or agm-88 HARM or GBU bomb? i like it :) :D :r*:
mleer58 commented over 7 years ago:
 QUOTE (azum2na @ 11:51, Yesterday)
Make JDAM missiles!
Ehm, I thought JDAM was an attachment for bombs, to make them smart (laser guided, infrared guided). But if you mean a missile, please give me a link to a picture :) If you mean bombs, dont worry, they will come soon :D
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New models are done!
I have completed three new models! The models are the FGM-148 Javelin Missile, FIM-92 Stinger Missile and a SAM-Site Missile. I have to check the last one, because I don't know how big I can make it (the missile can't be too big, otherwise it could immediately explode when fired or the game could crash... Whe don't want that to happen, am I right?). And as always: Five star ratings and nice comments will let me fire new missiles at you! New screenshots are online.

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