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Coin's Text To Bin Launcher
Converting Animation Packages (*.IFP)
Information Files
Author: goin-god
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: beta
Status: Complete
Started on: 19 Nov 2010
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2010
Views: 8927
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.8 (5 votes)
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Coin's Text to Bin Launcher
T2B Original autor: Delfi

Author: Coin-goD 18.11.10|
Website: n/a			 Version: BETA |

This Launcher was designed to make the Conversion of Text files
to GTA San Andreas IFP files easier. Using Delfi's T2B.

How to Use: |

First you need a Decompiled IFP file. In order to do have one,
take the IFP you want to edit and use "IFP DUMP" from KAM 3D MAX Scripts.

Once its decompiled, hit F11 in 3D Studio MAX and copy the whole text into
notepad. Remove Path line (first line) and save as Text file.

You can edit it the way you need, I show you how in this tuto:

When you have your TXT file finished, run "Launcher.exe" and write the
name of the TXT file you want to convert to IFP. Do not use quotation marks.

example: ped.txt

Hit enter and now write the name for the IFP file.

example: ped.ifp

You will be asked if you want to view some Information from TXT file.

This information will be displayed:

Version Identifier: "ANPK"
Offset to end of file: "X"
Internal Name: "The Internal Name of the IFP, the one the game uses."
Number of Animations: "X"
 Animation Info
Animation 1 : "Animation Name"
(... )
Animation X : "Animation Name"

Animation Info will list all the anims.

Keep in mind the Header Structure in your TXT has to match the IFP Dump output,
like this:

//This is Header Section
c 4
i 1
25058 < Has to be in this position (Offset)
c 24
PARKOUR < Has to be in this position (Name)
i 1
5 < Has to be in this position (Number of Anims)

If your TXT fails to keep that structure the Launcher will probably fail
when listing Header Info.

Do not remove the comments like "//Animation X starts here".

The program will save all this info in a file called "Information.txt"
Keep in mind this file will be overnighted each time you list a new TXT.

Now you will be asked to start the Proccess, write Y and hit enter.
If the file is small it should be done in ms.
If its a big file it can take a few seconds.

Once done the program will wait until you press any key.

The Information.txt and the new IFP will be created in the same
directory T2B.EXE and my Launcher are.
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shindogg commented over 5 years ago:
well this would be great... if i had a program to convert IFP files to TXT!
Vasiok89 commented over 7 years ago:
Hmm, very interesting programm, ill try it :sigh:
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The program is uploaded, still awaiting autorizathion. But I just checked that it does not work with CUTSCENES ANIMS. Im fixing this issue, so if you download this come back in a few days for an update.

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