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Aircraft Refueling Mod
Requested by SkylineGTRFreak
Information Files
Author: Adler
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.00
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Nov 2010
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2010
Views: 31885
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.58333 (12 votes)
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Aircraft Refueling Mod 2.00
This script requires the CLEO 4 library installed. Get the latest build at: Requested by SkylineGTRFreak in the GTAForums Coding Request Topic This is an expanded version of my air-to-air refueling script adding a fuel system for planes and helicopters. Refueling is available at LSX, SFO, LAS, and the Verdant Meadows airstrip as well as in the air via tanker aircraft (Andromada) by pressing the Equal (=) button. Refueling from zero to a full tank costs $100000 for regular planes and double the amount for the AT400 and Andromada (free of cost in the Cost-Free Refueling version). On a full tank you will be able to fly for approximately 1 hour real-time (or more than 2 days in standard game time) until the plane runs out of fuel. When the fuel arrives at about 5 minutes until it runs out, a red light will appear on the fuel gauge as an indicator. CHANGELOG 2.00
  • Fuel System implemented
  • Fuel Gauge added on the HUD while in planes and helicopters
  • Fuel Gauge illuminates at nighttime
  • Refueling at airports now possible
  • Tanker aircraft arrives faster and will allow refueling
  • When planes run out of fuel they will drop to the ground
  • When helicopters run out of fuel they will gradually fall to the ground
  • Cost-Free Refueling version added
  • First Public Release
Press the Equal (=) button while in a plane to request a tanker. The tanker will travel faster when in a Hydra or a Shamal and will be slower for other planes. Alternatively you can refuel at the airports marked on the radar by default (LSX, SFO, LAS, Verdant Meadows). It is recommended that you use SkylineGTRFreak's KC-767 or KC-10 plane mods with this script. I have uploaded the source for 2.00 on this site. Read the ReadMe for easy instructions on changing keypresses with my script. The method in the ReadMe will not apply to other mods but here is a tutorial on changing keypresses through basic CLEO coding: Support Topic Here. Thanks to SkylineGTRFreak for the video (Version 1.00)!
HUD mods used in pics of this mod: Aircraft Instruments Ryosuke's HUD Mod
trgtafun commented over 7 years ago:
doesnt work air refueling. '=' :devil:
Josefrancois commented over 7 years ago:
So... We know that CLEO 3 got more mods! And if it is for CLEO 4 <img src=p" /> is obsolete for us... Can you make a mod for CLEO 3! PLEASE!
sampkiller333 commented over 7 years ago:
&#304; need help mod works but when i press = nothing hepens why ?
lelouchmark commented over 8 years ago:
Can you make another 1 that works with cleo 3?
detalpha commented over 8 years ago:
nice mod. what if I use time synchronize mod? it still can fly 1 hour or 2 days for one time refueling?
Tapatos commented over 8 years ago:
really nice i like it, its a little hard to catch the refuling plane though is there a way to make it slower?
lucas BTTFFan commented over 8 years ago:
And Skyline has Done Another Refueling Plane: the Airbus A330-200 M.R.T.T.(KC-45) that You can Download hereSkyline GTR Freak's A330 MRTT
Dusan96 commented over 9 years ago:
I do everything what i need to do and when i enter the plane my game crashes... PLEASE HELP!! :/:/:( :( :angry: :rampage:
Adler commented over 9 years ago:
@crew747: No it doesn't but I may release a future version that does.
Adler commented over 9 years ago:
@Majorkururu: Those mods are listed underneath the video. -.-
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