Vice City XXL
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Author: tux.coder No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 0.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 20 Sep 2006
Views: 117286
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.08333 (12 votes)
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- Infinite run is enabled from start.

- Gang Wars mission:

 You can start to this mission by going through the backdoor of Cafe Robinas.
 Pepe will drive you to the war zone then war will start.You'll need a good collection of weapons to take all enemies down.
 If you lose all Cubans, you'll be failed.You'll be shoot by soldiers when war proceeds enough.At the end, you'll have to pick one
 sub-mission from 4 choices to finish this mission.
 This mission has 2 special bonuses.Play more and unlock them !

- 3 new assets
 Airport (has one mission, garage, save-point and a plane from sea hangar.)
 Army Base (Army won't shoot you anymore, hunter, tank and a save point.)
 Hyman stadium (A save point and armored chopper-buying feature)
 Each of their prices is $250.000

- All ammu-nations are enabled from start.
- Anti-gravity for Delorean: Hold Ctrl to hover and shift to escape.You can also use left and right directions.
- Time-travelling is optimized and some bugs were fixed.
- Crashes that caused by bodyguard groups are no more.

Removed features:

- Bus travelling
- Bodyguards
- The haitian mission that includes RC-Planes
- RC-Plane race

Main features:

- Bodyguards (main code by Timmy, improved)
- Bodyguard Groups (You will have 3 men of a gang and suprises)
- Back to the Future - Time Travelling (very different than the other bttf mods, will have missions)
- Food need but different usage
- MPH meter
- Fuel need
- No first start demo (Tommy and ken escapes, etc... ) You start game from airport
- No roadblocks
- Armored car buying (Sunshine autos) (like in Myriad Islands)
- You can have a drink for $500
- Bus travelling (sometimes causes craches, it can be removed) (by Modstar)
- Tommy has 200 health and armour, if you complete vigilante, you will have +50 armour and if you complete the pizzaboy mission, you will have +50 health.
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