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Gta IV Menu Style For Gta Sa
you gonna like it ! try it
Information Files
Author: Convetors
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: last one
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Sep 2010
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2011
Views: 132558
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.6087 (23 votes)
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this mod is created by convetors
 -put "hume.cleo" and "hume.ini" in ../gta san andreas/cleo
 -put "fronten1.txd" and "fronten2.txd" in ../gta san andreas/model
 -put "american.gxt" in ../gta san andreas/text

please read readme
Tabris666 commented over a year ago:
Not the same as picture this is a lame ass frontend edit and to see it on screen he just used photoshop and put the text on the right position even i can make the same editing frontentd is easy the difficult part is the reposition of text
MrHjzz commented over 2 years ago:
You could create a menu Mod GTA SA PC PS2 ? :colgate: :colgate: :colgate:
GTAMaster001 commented over 4 years ago:
The Picture Of Menu Is So SMALL HELPP !! :*(
Convetors commented over 5 years ago:
ok Guys Fan its actually the same is just that the gtaG moderator didnt allow me to upload the gtasa.exe
GrandTheftOliver commented over 6 years ago:
Its a very good and nice mod but its not working so good like the pictures so 90/100 <img src=p" />
hrishi.kick commented over 6 years ago:
please help me to change the water of gta 4 to san andreas or if you know any of the mods about water textures please tell me. :colgate:
Yawu commented over 7 years ago:
Its not that bad, Its decent. I personally dont like the "whole" conversion of GTA lV in to SA, meaning: pictures and stuff. I think that takes away from San Andreas feel. Putting elements of GTA lV into Sa is cool like music, burnout, The Hud, etc... but still have some :cookie: :cookie:
fikriakhdimaulana commented over 7 years ago:
f*cking Mod, NOt same on picture... :furious:
cripbk commented over 7 years ago:
good +5 :cookie: :cookie:
_GTAFREAK_ commented over 7 years ago:
awesome work!! i loved it :r*:
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