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GTA San Andreas Unlimited Mod
The Final Version
Information Files
Author: Nasadus
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 27 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 12 Jul 2005
Views: 155676
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.95999 (25 votes)
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This mod changes/adds the following:
-The physics of all road vehicles have been changed to a more realistic behaviour
-Traffic is much more varied with vehicles that resemble the location you are at
-The amount of cars that spawn on the road has been increased slightly
-Rare vehicles have been modified so that they show up more often
-95% of all cars can be modded at Transfender, including bikes
-Various clothing and weapon prices have been changed
-Many new colours added for 90% of all vehicles
-Changed player stats to be more realistic
-Draw Distance has been doubled
-Changed water appearance

Read the readme for installation instructions.
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gta commented over 9 years ago:
I've installed the mod but there is no such differences.
gta power max commented over 12 years ago:
TouchScreen commented over 14 years ago:
Can I ask a question.. What program do you use to make the cars customizable at a different location.. e.g. Make a bike customizable at Transfender. I had a program a long time ago but I got bored so I deleted everything and now I'm back to playing it. :l
adiG commented over 15 years ago:
HELP! how can i use bikes hydraulics ? have tried 2846 and allmost everything :*( wanna try it :p but wont work everything works but the bike hydraulics :/ :/
uk_john commented over 15 years ago:
Firstly, due to the 2x look, it fixed some of the flashing graphics I had! Secondly, seeing a wider variation of cars and vehicles, both in type and colour adds to a more immersive gameworld - which when added to all the other 'small changes' makes it a fantastic mod! For once be glad that a modder has not done a mod that makes millions of big changes, when most of us would ask for 20% of them to be removed! There is nothing in this mod I am unhappy about, 2x draw distance, for example, is much more realistic than the only other mod out there which does a 10x. I am fed up with mods that always go for the extreme, either making the game incredibly hard or easy or making massive changes, such as that modder not bothering to give us a 2x and 5x along with his 10x, but instead, just giving us the 10x! So these small changes are perfect, and that makes me believe this gamer is an intelligent gamer and modder!
H13N.H3N commented over 16 years ago:
could be a good mod, unfortunately you have madded changes that are not so important, if you want a shirt and u don't have money, you only beat some people to get flying-spinning fast cash, maybe the roads could be a good idea, but out of that all is imperceptible.
adgold commented over 16 years ago:
oh big deal the mod isn't look 2 me really spicel so i won't download it lol:bored:
stan101 commented over 16 years ago:
It should allow bike and motercycles. I love this mod! Great work. :D
myk04l commented over 17 years ago:
does this really let me mod bikes and bicycles?
Nasadus commented over 18 years ago:
Everything is up and running again.
Enjoy the mod.
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The Final Version is here!
Hi folks,
I have compiled all of the previous versions and fixes into one handy package.

Note to people who have downloaded the 1.0, 1.1 and the 1.1 fix.
You don't have to download this version.
This is simply a all in one mod of all the previous versions.

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