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GTA VC/SA D.I.C. Editor
.DAT/.IDE/.CFG File Editor
Information Files
Author: deahmande
Works with: GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1 (Beta)
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 29 Jul 2010
Last Updated: 30 Jul 2010
Views: 18719
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.4 (5 votes)
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Hey, my name's deathmande (keyboard spazzed out while registering >.>). I've been here now for a few days, and I came up with this tool, which will allow you to open and edit any .CFG/.DAT./.IDE file that comes along GTA VC/SA, with only one minor setback (which will be explained further down below). Since I can't mod for poop; nor create any CLEO Scripts, I decided to make this little editor since I got sick of the headaches I would get by editing so many files over and over again. I really don't know if there's any other type of editor which was released before this one, but I'm simply adding this tool to help out with the Modding Peeps in any way I can, and with hopes of being useful to someone.
Installing is very simple. Just extract the folder from the .zip file to anywhere in your computer, may it be in the games' directory or your desktop, and run the .exe From there, you'll only need to add the file(s) directory path, and it's name, since the editor already recognizes the extension file. There is one minor setback though, which as of now I can't fix. You will need to add a few quotation marks (These -> ") to the beginning of the first line of the file, and to the very end of the last line. Example: "First line of data from the .DAT/IDE/.CFG file. Second Line Third Line Etc. Last Line" As of now, it will open almost any file. It will only read until the "glassfx_composh" line of the object.dat file, since I assume it reached a "line limit" of some sort.
Once you've added the quotation marks, and added the file's directory path, proceed on clicking on any "Load" button, depending on your file's extension. The editor will dump a backup as a .txt file, just in case anything goes wrong. Once you're all done, save it as the type of file you've been editing, and proceed to open it in notepad, to remove the quotation marks (Again, these -> ") If your file gets corrupted, simply open the backup in notepad, remove the " marks, and save it as the type of file you originally were editing. Note, that I'm not held responsible for whatever happens to your files, since I urge you to backup the original file before opening it with the editor.
Known Bugs
* Tool automatically adds quotation marks (") to the beginning of the first line and adds another one as the last line. (Not really a bug, just the way the editor reads the files) Cause: The tool adds these marks to read the file so editing is possible. Result: Game will most likely crash upon loading. Fix: Simply remove the quotation marks on all of the files you have edited using notepad before running the game to fix it. Note: Before editing any type of file, remember to add the quotation marks! (Explained below) * Editor only displays 1 line of the DAT/IDE/CFG file. Cause: The file wasn't recognized by the tool. Result: You won't be able to edit the file correctly. Fix: You must add the quotation marks to the file. (Explained below) Note: Remember to remove them once you have finished editing the file(s) before running the game. Else, your game will crash. * "Run Time Error 53: File Not Found"/Editor Crashed. Cause: Invalid file directory or you accidentally added the file's extension. Result: Editor Crashed. Fix: Double check that the file directory is correct make sure your file's in said directory or to remove the file's extension. * "Run Time Error 58: File already exists"/Editor Crashed. Cause: A backup was previously made. Result: Editor crashed. Fix: If your previous modifications to the file worked, and no longer need the backup (Although I urge you to save it somewhere) delete the .txt file that the Editor previously made, so it may create a new one.
What's next in Version 0.2?
I'm planning to add the following features: - Multiple file editing (3 at a time). - Updated UI. - Possible Bug fixes (If anything else is found, although most current bugs cannot be fixed) - Have an idea? Feel free to email it to me at [email protected] (You'll obviously be credited for it.)
RockStar for their great games. The following sites for their badass mods: If you would like to host this tool on your site, please email me at [email protected] first! Not only will I grant you permission to host it, but I'd like to see where it's being hosted :) (Serious, Constructive comments are appreciated, but not needed).
Cpt.Muneeb commented over 7 years ago:
Can i make a .ide file from MTA map editors .map file?
DarkHedge commented over 7 years ago:
All those files, DAT, IDE and CFG, can be opened with notepad and Notepad++ as those files are just human-readable text files. Without bugs of sorts. I don't wanna sound offensive, really, but your program sounds completely redundant.
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