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GTA SA: Liberty City
Beta 7 Now Available!
Information Files
Author: dingleman
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 7.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 25 Jul 2010
Last Updated: 02 Nov 2011
Views: 392364
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.52701 (74 votes)
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GTA SA: Liberty City
ABOUT THE MOD The long term goal of the GTA SA: Liberty City mod is to recreate GTA III on the GTA San Andreas engine as closely and accurately as possible. We aim to create a conversion that gives the player the dripping atmosphere and challenges we all fell in love with in 2001, with all of the advantages of the GTA San Andreas engine as the icing. This includes:
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Jetpacks
  • Enhanced aircraft
  • Realtime shadows
  • Eating
  • Clothing
  • Playing minigames (Basketball, Pool, etc.)
  • Using the gym
  • Haircuts
.. and MUCH more. Since the original map conversion by XRK in 2005, the mod itself has continued to evolve and progress. Liberty City has been ever enhanced in order to meet the standards of the enhanced freedom we are given with the San Andreas engine. The waters of the city now have seabeds to fit with the ability to swim. Many buildings and skyscrapers rooftops have been reworked to ensure the city looks just as great from every angle. The large empty land north of Shoreside Vale has been filled in to make up for what is now easy to access. Rampages, hidden packages and many of the other goodies from GTA III have been thrown in to keep the player busy for hours. The list practically goes on and on. The SA:LC team are proud of what the mod has evolved into thus far. We are very greatful for the support that has come our way since the mods original release six years ago, and we thrive to continue with the project for as long as we possibly can. Beta 7 Footage
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. Will there be other properties or hideouts to buy? A. Yes. This is a San Andreas feature we hope to add eventually. Q. Can we have higher-poly models for ... ? A. No. This is not a current priority. This will be done once we've sorted the GTA3 stuff first. If you want a HD Liberty City check out this mod by Monitor57 Q. Will there be restaurants? A. Yes. This is a San Andreas feature we hope to add eventually. Q. Can I get to San Andreas? Will San Andreas ever be added? A. No. The SA map was removed for the purpose of this mod. Q. I've found a bug. What do I do? A. Unless the bug you have found is really out of the ordinary, then chances are it's already known about, so it's best to keep it to yourself. If however, you do think it isn't obvious, then either post in this thread or PM me directly. While bug reports are appreciated, the vast majority of them are obvious and are being worked on using a priority system. Q. Where are the missions? A. The only missions that have been converted to date are the Marty Chonk's, Gripped and Ambulance missions. Marty Chonk's missions are available from the phone booth across from Joey's Garage between the hours of 9:00 and 19:00. Paramedic missions are available by entering an Ambulance and pressing 2 (default). The 'Gripped!' mission is available by entering the Patriot in the park in Shoreside Vale at any time. Q. Why cant I pick up clothing/haircut icons? A. You probably don't have enough money ingame. All Haircuts = $10 Binco Clothing = $65 Zip Clothing = $130 Didier Sachs Clothing = $550 KNOWN BUGS IN CURRENT RELEASE
  • Some of the traffic is travelling the wrong direction.
  • The camera angles at some save garages and Pay'n'Sprays are incorrect.
  • There are a few sign posts in Shoreside Vale that are invisible.
  • Dents, cracked glass and text written on some vehicles look buggy.
  • The sound of rain is buggy.
  • Animations can make pedestrians look buggy at times.
  • Using the Pay'n'Sprays or buying weapons at Ammunation with under the required cash deducts your funds into negatives rather than rejecting the purchase
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