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SAPD Chronicles
Part 5Second trailer mission released! I'm back!
Information Files
Author: Chimpso
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 4.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 20 Jul 2010
Last Updated: 13 Oct 2011
Views: 8645
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.6923 (13 votes)
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Part 5 called "Operation: Platinum Star" is now in production!
Information on Parts 5 Platinum Star is the name of a space weapon sattelite made by Russia. While playing the missions, you will actually see a hand-build satellite (created using various objects) that will appear in cutscenes. It will feature Area 69 to a large extent, as well as other millitary-based places. Expect a lot of covert-ops during this two part series, and a lot of action, as well as a great storyline. The storyline is already established, and the first mission is underway, which is an intro mission (no gunfighting, difficulty involved) that introduces new characters as well as the storyline. Expect past characters to make returns and lots of plot twists. These two parts will not be insanely difficult, so you won't be going WTF! OMFG! I PLAYED THROUGH THIS 15 MINUTE MISSION AND DIES! NOW I CAN'T BE F*UCKED PLAYING IT ALL OVER AGAIN! *skips to next mission*, so difficulty wise, everything is quiet stable. Please tell me what you think and suggest ways that I can improve, as well as features I can add.
Please join in the discussion, find out about the characters and gangs and please leave comments.
Please make sure you rate. I greatly appreciate your support :)
Video Trailers
I have been making missions with DYOM for about a year, I am by no means an expert. But I put my heart, soul and imagination into my new set of missions, the SAPD Chronicles. Three parts (LVPD, LSPD and Hunt for the Loco Syndicate Part 1) are complete, and hoping to finish it all soon. Here is the story so far (in brief): James Porter started off as a LVPD police officer, partnering with Gerard Watson, a veteran Police Officer. Together they manage to fight crimes and bring down a Gun Smuggling organisation led by Russian Mobster Oleg Mikhaelov. With the help of Gerard's informant, Mikhael, they manage to take down Mikhaelov and his organisation. With the job down properly and efficiently, they receive word from their chief. They have been promoted to SWAT members, and are on their way to Los Santos to fight the rising gang crime... Apon arriving in Los Santos, James and Gerard face gang problems and riots, raids and busts. (This storyline interweaves with the GTA San Andreas storyline) These includs the raid on the Jefferson motel and facing balla and Vargos gang members when the Varrios Los Aztecas come under attack. With all their flawless victorys Captain Gilbers informs them that they are off to San Fierro, to help solve a big case for the FBI... San Fierro is a nice place, all except for the Loco Syndicate. James, Gerard and their new FBI friend Blackmore are itching to take down the Loco Syndicate, one gang at a time. The San Fierro Rifa are the first on the list... After stalling the Locos a while it's time to take out Torenos men. But this will not be easy. Toreno's men are professionals, not like the rabble of the Rifa. Will James and Gerard achieve the impossible and defeat Toreno and the Locos once and for all? That’s the story so far (32 Missions) but I guarantee that more is to come; I just need some time to think of ideas...
Mission List
Part 1: LVPD • Welcome to LVPD • Local LV Drug Dealers • Just Another Night... • The Night Off • Suit up and Good Luck • A New Case • Nyet Showdown • Are you Coming too? Part 2: LSPD • Welcome to LSPD • If the Price is Riot • Ride By • Reuniting the Families • Like Grove, Like Azteca • Yay for Dealers • Scum and Crossbones • Fit for F.B.I Part 3: Hunting the Loco Syndicate Part 1 • Lighting the Powder Keg • Sand in the Wheels • Chinese New Year • Rifa Revolution • The Prey Strikes Back • Lights of LV • Short end of the Stick • End of the Rope Part 4: Hunting the Loco Syndicate Part 2 • See the Light • Here Comes the Rain • Toreno's Wrath • Retaliation • Toreno's Target • Desert Siege • It's Our Turn • End of the Locos
Comments News
Habbrow94 commented over 4 years ago:
So you are a GTA wiki admin, Should I download this mod? Is it good? :DD
DyomMaker commented over 6 years ago:
Love this Mission :inlove: i love the idea when blackmores ghost come and said "good work boys" 10/10 :D
Chimpso commented over 7 years ago:
Thanks! Yes, Part 1 is of less quality than the others. This is because I was still learning how to use DYOM back then.
torche00 commented over 7 years ago:
Hi, good work man, i like it there are still some orthograph faults in LVPD (part 1) anyways, keep making DYOM story :D
Chimpso commented over 7 years ago:
Yes, but not anytime soon. There are many other more important internet commitments that need my attention. I will make Part 5, just not anytime soon.
lol232 commented over 7 years ago:
Will you make v5?
Chimpso commented over 7 years ago:
Oleg Minkhaelov was a name off the top of my head. Only later did I make the connection between him and Oleg Minkov. Yuri "The Fury" Andreov is named after one of the bosses in the PSP game Pursuit Force: Extream Justice.
lol232 commented over 7 years ago:
And wait Oleg Mikhaleinkov?OK i think yo named this guy after Oleg Minkov from GTA IV and Yury the Fury?I think you named it after GTA VC Missin Jury Fury :sly:
lol232 commented over 7 years ago:
lmfao :p no one noticed this accept me lol :O
Chimpso commented over 7 years ago:
BWHAHA! You guessed it! Thats right, I named Carlitos after him :p.
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Operation: Platinum Star
Parts 5 and 6, called "Operation: Platinum Star" are in production! See details above.

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