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Spliff Island
very nice island just below the Santa Maria Peer
Information Files
Author: Joints
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 01 Jul 2010
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2010
Views: 20397
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (7 votes)
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Spliff Island

V.2 will come after i get more downloads. i expected more downloads than it is now, so after i get some more downloads and feedback, i will release V.2. for now, just enjoy the map.

Made by: Joints

Development: now that i finally know some things in 3DS Max, i decided to make something good. so i ended up with making an island.
i didn't have any other names in my mind so i had to put on the name of one of my favorite things "spliff" as the name of the island.
i made the ground in 3Ds Max and added other objects with Med on the island ground. this release is going to be the first one which will
basically have only the map, no other features. V.2 will have countless things added to it.

Description of island: this island is basically a mix of Caribbean islands and some other kind of island. although i made this from my head. it has wild trees, palm trees and bushes, 3 wooden hut houses, wild grass and dirt in there. in the next release, the island will have vehicles, boat parking places, a little beachhouse, many weapons and people will be there too. i will also add some vehicles to make the island look good. this island will be located just a bit below from Santa Maria peer.

Video: i have made a preview video on this mod, this only shows the map though.
Video on Youtube


Joints - for the map editing and models
Thanks to:
Kam - Kam's 3ds max script
Med - letting me edit the map.

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