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Superman Map Pack Update
All 3 Superman Map Models Updated In 1 Pack
Information Files
Author: kal-el5676
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Jun 2010
Last Updated: 13 May 2011
Views: 31388
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.80001 (10 votes)
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Fortress of Solitude
Daily Planet Building
Supermans Tomb

To be used together, but can be used separate by experienced modders.

Superman MapPack Add On. Cleo 3 needed. All 3 models, updated, prelit, and with LOD's. Back up your files! And please, this mod is easy to install, so only ask me intelligent
questions. Add everything in the GTA3 folder to the GTA3 img with an img tool. Add the gta dat to the data folder. add the superman folder and it's contents to your
map folder. Add the cleo files in the cleo folder to your cleo folder. add the enclosed save file to your gta san andreas user files in my documents.

Added savepoint at the fortress of solitude and hit the number 1 to put on the superman cape at any time. (if you dont have it)

Load game 5 (end of the line)
You will appear at the fortress.

Known bug: I lowered the fortress, so sometimes theres waves in the pit. Use map editor to raise it or open the superman ipl with notepad, look for the fortress line, find the number.3 and change it. ;)


sonic888ful commented over 6 years ago:
Wow.this really works.but when I move to the save file it won't save the game.
Grims commented over 7 years ago:
As much as i hate to say it your addon f*cked up my game... it lads like an inch and crashes... and yes iam using v1 i tried deleting everything you gave us but nothing any advice?
gtamodcrazy commented over 8 years ago:
no..i did not mod the supes ped... i added in the description that i found him on another site... it was better than the superman ped i had... anyways im still waiting on the dload for your new map... but i dont nothing about mapping or using med other than finding buildings and extracting the txds... i would like to use your mod listed here along with my christopher reeves mod ill give ya credit as usual... and did you try to turn the proton pack into a flame thrower? been working on a ghostbusters mod... could use a proton pack as flame thrower... when you get this uploaded let me know on moddb send me a pm...
kal-el5676 commented over 8 years ago:
If you put your statue of liberty in my ide and ipl and delete the tomb you don't have to edit the dat. just use MED. Any questions just let me know. Also, did you rig that evil superman on moddb?
gtamodcrazy commented over 8 years ago:
unfornuately i know nothing about gta dat ... i would just like to use your new mod with just the daily planet and the fortess and of course the cape option... and add the statue of liberty ... i know nothing about mapping or gta dat... i got a really cool ghost busters mod..i been working on... do you think you could make the flame thrower the proton pack? like in your rocketpack or parachute mod? that would be using the king kong attacks lost santos script with stay puft marshmellow man as king kong! i got the sounds for the ecto and the ecto with siren in the game as the county cop car..if you would like to see some pics ill email them too ya
kal-el5676 commented over 8 years ago:
Files have been uploaded and will appear online in a month or so. Yeah, why can't you just edit the dat? it's a cinch.
gtamodcrazy commented over 8 years ago:
Hey do you think you can Edit the gta.dat to only use your fotress with the daily planet and add a Staue of liberty mod? I dont know how... thanks..oh and dont forget i made the cyborg originally no problem i would like to use those 2 things with an edited gta.dat witgh the statue of liberty for my tribute to christopher reeves supermabn mod over on moddb... thanks
kal-el5676 commented over 8 years ago:
Were going for a new approval record here.
kal-el5676 commented over 8 years ago:
Yeah, sorry it's map cleaner version 5. it comes with a new scm and a few other things. and yes use the gta dat that comes with it. its a back to the future dat modded with my map.
gtamodcrazy commented over 8 years ago:
i did what you said to do and my game crashed... i think i used the wrong version of map cleaner maybe problem who knows
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