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Fix collisons, models n textures
Information Files
Author: DimZet13
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 23 May 2010
Last Updated: 27 Jan 2012
Views: 19067
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.91667 (12 votes)
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Auto-manual install: copy gta3.exe in your Vice city, and run "install", set path with Vice city.
For work with VCMP, install vcmp.exe

Collsion - flags in golf club, two skyscraper in Downtown, biker bar,
stair in Washington Mall,
store clothes, cafe Robins, bus in little Havanna,
trailers in docks,
and etc...

II) Fix models & textures:
lhgangshop.txd - better texture clothing store little Havanna
alleyprop.txd - Better texture conditioners

buldingsite1.dff - boards visible from both sides at a construction site Rosenberg
fence01.dff - mesh in a small Haitian visible from both sides
lh_icecream01.dff - walls are cream Cherry Popper visible on both sides
lh_icecream02.dff - the walls in the building of ice cream Cherry Popper visible on both sides
lha_carfence.dff - net SunshineAvuto visible from both sides

miamiland037.dff - Fixed textures in one of the buildings in the little Havana
miamiland180.dff - Fixed textures in one of the buildings in the little Havana
havgangshop.dff - Fixed transparent windows at a clothing store little Havanna
dowbikershop.dff - open the door to a clothing store bikers
smashbar.dff - Fixed color barrier
LODanahouse12.dff - fix lod little Haiti

dynamite.txd - Added missing texture timer dynamite
dynnewstnd.txd - Added missing texture Newspaper boxes
islandlolodm.txd - Added missing textures of buildings of the second city of Lod
LH_PWInterior2.txd - Added missing textures shadows in the interior of the building printing plant
LODhaiti.txd - Added missing textures Lod in a small Haitian
LODhaitinbig.txd - Added missing textures Lod in a small Haitian
metal.txd - added missing texture bins, railings, pillars ...
miamibin.txd - Added missing texture is what the banks (but in a game it does not exist)
od_bighotpool.txd - Added missing texture wooden railing outside the hotel with a swimming pool

lhcoastsky2.dff - added to the roof of the bank
LODntoon39.dff - added roof LOD tallest skyscraper in Downtown

+Returned to the true quality of textures:
Plants, roads, sidewalks, pots and money.

Improved patch in 1.1:
1) Added collision of air conditioners, fire alarm, electr. block cameras.
2) Fixed platforms for helicopter collision in downtown at savehouse
3) Added collision cube of metal the house of Phil
4) Fixed collision grass valleys not far from the home of Phil
5) Fixed collision between hotels gate in Ocean Beach.
6) od_clubneon.dff - Correction of a neon glow of the club Malibu.
 7) biker_bar_exterior.dff - Fix window interior biker bar.
 8) Fixed collision of the water tower "Vice city beach"
 9) Fixed collision window of the hotel Chariot.
10) nbhtel06shdw.dff - nbhotel06.txd - Fixed shadow in the doorway of an unknown hotel.
11) cl_curtains.dff - Fixed a one-sided view of curtains in the club Malibu.
12) od_lightext.dff - Fixed a one-sided view lighthouse
13) man_twr_stairs.dff - added the ceiling in the staircase tower at the mansion
Klager commented over 2 years ago:
Hey dimzet i loved this mod but work the stadium some bugs in stadium place please fix it. :blush: :)
JangHaeJoo commented over 3 years ago:
Hi, this tool works great. But I Have this problem with the Loading Screen. Loading Screen[b] I hope you could fix it soon. Thanks in advance
YOEL_44 commented over 4 years ago:
In the north point mall car parking there is a bug in the model. And I think that in the Ocean View hotel suit will have to be two ventilators and not an only one. Can you try to fix these two bugs, with this will be the best bug fix mod ever seen for Vice City
Zera commented over 6 years ago:
EDIT: Ok, my mistake, I didn't read the instructions correctly. It's working now.
Xegethra commented over 6 years ago:
I have a problem with this mod. I install everything but the game crashes when trying to load a game, new game or saved game... the loading bar just stops then i have to task manager out I have tried reinstalling the mod, but I must be doing something wrong... not sure what though
Surya386 commented over 6 years ago:
Nice :D Now I Can Use Cuban Street Without Havanna Glitch
lol232 commented over 7 years ago:
VERY NICE :D make the shop enterble not just open door
DimZet13 commented over 8 years ago:
ggmm models and textures installs immediately. img tool installation: find, delete, add. Lots of operations, and then not working in VC-MP. Installing the collision(.col) only with img tool. Installing the models and textures(.dff .txd) with ggmm or img tool.
Latin_GT-R commented over 8 years ago:
But why use GGMM? If that application can be installed only cars and weapons.
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