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Invincible In San Andreas
Information Files
Author: A99aka
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Version 1
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Apr 2010
Last Updated: 21 Apr 2010
Views: 14137
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.33333 (3 votes)
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100% Saves For GTA 3, VC And SA No Mods Or Cheats Used!
REPORT BUGS PLEASE :rampage: (c) A99aka :rampage: !REQUIRES!
  • A Copy Of San Andreas
  • An Extractor That Supports .zip decompression
  • A Folder In My Documents Called GTA San Andreas User Files
NOTE: Even Though The Savegame Is Modded It Will Not Crash On It's Own Only Other Mods On Your GTA San Andreas Will Crash It STARTER Pack: AT START OF GAME WITH FIRST MISSION DONE AND NOTHING ELSE WITH INVINCIBILITY! PERFECT Pack: PLUS 100% With $999, 999, 999 And A Set Of Weapons With INFINATE AMMO IN EACH WITH INVINCIBILITY! MEGA PACK! INCLUDES BOTH SAVEGAMES! Thinking Your Never Going To Have Invincibility For GTA SA :sui: :barf: . Well Your Wrong, Just Use My Uncheated, Modded Savegame :lol: ! Give Me :cookie: :cookie: if you like this and rate it 5 stars :happy: if you like it! And No I DIDN"T USE TOO MANY BBCODE TAGS! Invincibility Is 100% Complete My First Save Game NEW NEWS Apr 21st 2010 The FILES ARE TAKING FOREVER TO UPLOAD. (La Island News, Srry For Taking Off The File A Found A Few Bugs And Don't Really want to work on it any more)
INSTALL... # = A Number From 1-8 Put GTASAsf#.b In My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files if it wants to replace a file you have to decide because it might overite a save game if you want to keep the file that its trying to overite look a faqs FAQS... # = A Number From 1-8 If the save file wants to replace a file in GTA San Andreas User Files Don't let it just change the # in GTASAsf#.b to a different number 1-8 (1= first saved file, 8=last save file the rest are in between) the number goes right before the .b in GTASAsf#.b, change from one to eight.if problem occures again just change the number again to a different number. if all save files are taken you must replace one! IT SHOULD WORK WITH ALL GTA SA's, It may not work if you have mods STUFF INCLUDED... INVINCIBILITY (NEVER DIE) Other Details In Each README CREDITS... Saved By alexrulz99 aka A99 (c) 2010 alexrulz99 aka A99 MISC... ONLY REALEASED TO GTA GARAGE
SAVED README FILE SAYS MADE BY alexrulz99 aka A99. alexrulz99 is my gamertag on xbox live you can add me and i'll tell you that i made the mod. LIKE THIS PAGE? COMMENT AND I MIGHT BE ABLE TO PIMP YOUR PAGE TOO! :rampage: (c) A99aka :rampage:
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anirudh123 commented over 7 years ago:
have some cookies :D :cookie: :cookie: and fish bread for health :breadfish:
GTAM0DDER commented over 8 years ago:
this link would help u...
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Yay I realeased Invinciblity PLEASE DOWNLOAD

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