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Modern Warfare 2 CLEO4 Mods
Bringing stuff from MW2 to GTA:SA
Information Files
Author: james227uk
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: CLEO4
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Apr 2010
Last Updated: 05 Aug 2010
Views: 132908
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.46426 (56 votes)
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Welcome to my Modern Warfare 2 CLEO4 mods page. Here I will post my MW2 themed mods. Three are available for download at the moment.


When activated, the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) will blow up every single car like 500 times (gtasbigfoot showed me how) and your screen will go fuzzy and your HUD and radar will be disabled. Any wanted level will be removed for the duration of the EMP. When the EMP is over, your screen will go back to normal, your HUD and radar will come back, and your wanted level will be added back on again. Type EMP to activate.

Gun Jeep Type JEEP to activate. The jeep will drive to the red target marker you set on the map. When called, the jeep will drive up to you (either let it drive to you or walk up to it). You can now control the minigun turret. Press ENTER to leave the jeep at any time. EDITS SINCE ORIGINAL: *You can change destination while driving. Simply set a new target marker and keep pressing Y to drive to the new destination. * If jeep is destroyed or if you press ENTER, you will be thrown out. * Infinite health while on the gun
Stealth Bomber Type BOMBER to activate. CJ will drop a red flare, and the target area will be flattened by bombs. This mainly targets cars (cars will be bombed, as will the area by the flare). THIS THING IS BUGGY AND PRONE TO CRASHING. BEWARE
Chopper Gunner Type GUNNER to activate. You will be placed into the turret on the chopper. Shoot minigun as normal. You can change destination in flight by setting new target marker and keep pressing Y. If chopper is destoyed, or if you press ENTER, you will be place back to where you started to control the chopper IN NEXT VERSION * Chopper will now use Hunter helicopter instead of Raindance
Counter UAV Type COUNTER to activate. Anybody attacking you will stop, and ignore you (including on wanted levels). The Counter UAV will fly above for 20 seconds.
Tactical Nuke Type NUKE and watch the action. 10 Second countdown, and BOOM! EDITS SINCE ORIGINAL: * Added timer
Blackhawk Gunner Type HAWK to call the Blackhawk helicopter. It will land near you (I advice calling the chopper in an open area). Walk up to it, and walk around it until you get put on the turret. It will now fly to your target marker set on the map (If you forgot to set one, just set one and press NUMPAD 8). While in flight, press NUMPAD 2 to make the chopper fly to the ground. Now you have the perfect driveby opportunity since the chopper hardly moves (The chopper is also invincible :D). While on the ground, you have two options: :Press NUMPAD 2 to leave the chopper OR :Press NUMPAD 8 to go back into the air and continue flying to the target marker. Controls recap: Call blackhawk by typing HAWK In flight controls - NUMPAD 1 - Lock in position. Press again to unlock NUMPAD 2 - Take the hawk down to the floor. Press again to exit the hawk, NUMPAD 5 - Sit inside the hawk NUMPAD 6 - Sit on the gun again NUMPAD 8 - Take the hawk back up again from the floor. Can also be used to move to a new target marker EDITS SINCE ORIGINAL * Different, more memorisable controls
CARE PACKAGE Type CARE to activate. A chopper will then drop off a weapon crate which you can walk up to, and nab the weapon. It has 9 different weapons in, and the weapon is picked at random when the crate is dropped.
UAV While simply a bare bones idea at the moment, it's almost ready. The concept at the moment, is that you are put in the "camera" of a plane circling your local area. You have a free aim while in the "camera" so you can look down at everything below. Youtube video coming soon - Known Bugs - Car Jeep doesn't always correctly drive to the place, instead crashing into things. This appears to be a problem with SA's driving AI, so I can't really fix it Stealth Bomber will crash if no cars are near the flare When you enter the pause menu, then exit it, the audio file will play again When you activate either NUKE or EMP whilst the Blackhawk is in LOCK position, the blackhawk becomes unresponsive to controls and a new game needs to be started If you spot any more bugs please contact me. - Authors comments - *I am hoping to being more things from MW2, not just killstreaks. All suggestions welcome! * Don't worry about Chopper Gunner/Black Hawk altitude. It will fly higher to fly over obstacles (GTA:SA has good heli AI) * When controlling the turret on some killstreaks, pressing G will change radio station (or it can be set in the Audio Options on the pause menu)
THESE MODS REQUIRE CLEO 4! CLEO4 can be got here:
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RapkaV commented over 10 years ago:
How to stop the rain without cheats after NUKE ?
GTA_1981 commented over 10 years ago:
 QUOTE (NCHP @ 02:40, 09 May 2011)
Does this work for SAMP
It should work on SA:MP, though I wouldn't recommend using it on MP, as it can be considered as cheating. Basically any cleo mods aren't allowed on SA:MP :sly:
iLike2Teabag commented over 10 years ago:
Can you add the chopper gunner using Hunter instead of Raindance please? I want to be using an Apache instead of a Raindance.
jason928 commented over 10 years ago:
please make sentry gun mod
Neil_Abangan commented over 10 years ago:
You know you could fix some bugs but anyway cookies for you :cookie: :cookie:
runedog48 commented over 11 years ago:
Good job you deserve a cookie. :cookie: :cookie: I hope you get a ton of credit for this mod you deserve it. One of the best mods ever made.
cooldude561 commented over 11 years ago:
bro make a zip or RAR with all the mods in a seprate folder :p it will be better instead of downloading all of them at once hoped this helped :rah: :rah: <img src=h34r:" />
biohazard001ful commented over 11 years ago:
can you make the tacticle nuke blows up like in this video :rampage: :cool: :rampage:
Qub1 commented over 11 years ago:
I kinda modified your nuke file so that it works better, added some effects like bleeding and riot. This is what I made of it: Hope you enjoy it = D Oh, and if I wasn't allowed to edit, I'll remove it. Small list of added effects: - Bleed after blast - Riot when timer starts - Crash fix (the game crashed when using the cheat again for a second time, while the weather was still bad, so the weather now automatially goes back to cloudy) - Camera shake on explosion
TaaRt commented over 11 years ago:
Cleo 4 runs cleo 3 AND improved Cleo 4 scripts, why not like that!?!
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New files awaiting approval
New versions of the Chopper Gunner and Tactical Nuke are awaiting approval. To see the changes in the new versions; look at the main mod description (where the videos are)

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