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Assassin Mod
New missions, new weapons, new features, new model and more!
Information Files
Author: serabella
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 23 Feb 2010
Last Updated: 26 Aug 2015
Views: 202738
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.25001 (48 votes)
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Here we go again. It's been a long time but I'm on to this site again. Will probably start making simple scripts to upload here. Now download this mod and watch the videos, will you?

Features so far: - Combat knife, Switchblade, Sword, Silenced pistol, Sniper, Combat Sniper (All weapons are finished) - A whole lot of moves made by "santiago239" (thank you very much) - New stealth kill with a katana (Sword in this case) - Awesome new HUD icons by "Tathagat" (thank you very much) Team: Serabella: Missions/weapons/Costumes/Additional scripts Santiago239: Moves Tathagat: HUD Icons Update: I've released a small "expansion" pack for this mod. It includes full assassin equipment spawn at the back of the houses in Grove Street. You can now spawn an assassin by pressing "tab + backspace". A link to download the assassin costume is included in the package! Assassin Mod gameplay, basic gameplay demonstration of the mod.
Expansion Pack, containing "spawn assassin" and "equipment at grove street".
How to Use the Stealth Kill Tutorial, hold backspace while close to a pedestrian.
Costumes, not made by us but it's awesome to combine them with this mod.
Learn how to perform all different melee attacks. Hey, an assassin needs to know how to fight!
XxDeMoNOfGuNsXx commented over 2 years ago:
i did every thing right but it didnt work :dontgetit: :dontgetit: :cry: :cry: :furious:
fireskull98 commented over 4 years ago:
Nigga creed :lol:
FalconerX commented over 5 years ago:
Hello, i think i got a problem if i press F + F + F (while holding RMB) i just do boxing styles :whuh: i cant do anything just boxing styles i cant do karate or any other please help
Etgmr commented over 5 years ago:
This mod is AWESOME! :D The only problem is that the assassin isn't spawning anywhere... !! :blink:
soul socker commented over 6 years ago:
i cant to download from media fire
Alexander0125 commented over 6 years ago:
Awesome This is exactly the kind of thing that all sandbox games should have. A means to act stealthy in a normally "loud" game
Koci commented over 6 years ago:
where is this awsome new blade :barf: :barf: :/
sonic888ful commented over 6 years ago:
:angry: Help!!How to use super jump?? :dozing:
subramanian commented over 6 years ago:
Hello there, I haven't played or used this mod yet. So I don't know what features are available. I can suggest an algorithm for stealth. there is a condition to check if CJ is crouching( it's an animation). So put this in a loop, in that check if CJ is crouching. then make him ignored by others. The same thing in reverse if CJ is not crouching! Cos if he isn't, then CJ will be prone to attack by nearby peds/police/gangsters :D. So the loop will appear somewhat like this: " while true 001: wait 0 ms if (animation performed is crouch action) then make CJ ignored_by_everyone 1 else make CJ ignored_by_everyone 0 end end " This is just a simple algorithm. It's all available in Sanny Builder. I'm new to modding in san andreas. If there is something basic you want to do. pl leave a msg. I'll see if I can do it. BTW, this is a nice mod. Awesome work... Cheers :)
serabella commented over 6 years ago:
sounds good, might try to make a new fighting style. It might take a long time though, time I probably don't have :/
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