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 Sep 06 2009

V 1.1

Posted by thekokss.
New, bigger Map! A few Cleos! 2 little Missions! Two Guards at the Entrance! HAVE FUN! And please leave comments

 Sep 01 2009

Cleo-Fix by matanyehoshua1

Posted by thekokss.
Thanks to matanyehoshua1 for fixing the "Teleporter.cs". WIP 2.4(cleo fixed) uploaded. If you have the "normal" WIP 2.4 and don't want to download the new, just deletenon-working Teleporter.cs

 Aug 31 2009

WIP 2.4

Posted by thekokss.
Finally, WIP 2.4: Changes:a lotta easter eggs, Teleport script which teleports you and your car in the hall. Have Fun and comment p.s: use the mirror-link if file isn't available

 Aug 29 2009

WIP 2.3

Posted by thekokss.
Finally! I uploaded Wip 2.3 which has a back entrance and more objects. Changes: 1. -huge hall -looks authentic (no gaps between walls, etc.) -not empty -a little easter egg (not that what you see first) -more objects -back entrance Have fun and please comment, so i can make it better. greets

 Aug 28 2009

WIP 1.2 uploaded

Posted by thekokss.
Now WIP 1.2 is online. Changes: -room replaced by another one -room has a few objects in it -unfourtanly the room has kinda invisible walls, cause its the bomb-garage which has also this walls. Have fun and add coments. greets

 Aug 27 2009

Secret Base WIP 1.1 uploaded

Posted by thekokss.
Second Version uploaded. New Features: -the game does not chrash anymore. -the stones which cover the unused entrance of the tunnel are seen far away -no invisible walls have fun and tell me how to make it better Greets
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