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 Sep 12 2009


Posted by Zacthe_nerd.
i found an error that prevented second cj from driving independently. i fixed it. the fix used the variable i had freed up in the last release, this means i won't likely be adding anything new any time soon. everyone download it!

 Sep 02 2009

another update. taking requests

Posted by Zacthe_nerd.
i haven't had as much time as i though i would to test this new version, and so i uploaded it without testing it to death like i normally do. though, i'm still pretty sure this whole thing works. the radio bug is gone for sure. i managed to free up a local variable in this version too. if you think of something you'd like to see added, post about it. i might just do it

 Aug 24 2009


Posted by Zacthe_nerd.
i changed some stuff (obviously) and completely eliminated all but a few crash scenarios on my system. this version should also be compatible with the v1.1 gta_sa.exe. i rewrote the readme file with more clear instructions (hopefully) and more basic english to make it a bit easier for people who don't really know english. i ironed out some issues with making the clone follow you in a helicopter, but it still completely doesn't work. help would be appreciated. i recommend everyone download the new version.
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