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 Feb 15 2011

Back in the saddle

Posted by LightSabre.
Well i was away for a lil bit. I will continue my DYOM series soon. For now i will sit back and play GTA IV on my PS3 YAY

 Aug 05 2009


Posted by LightSabre.
Crap i am grounded for two months DAMN!

 Jul 09 2009

Good News

Posted by LightSabre.
Hi i have my GTA SA back so i will start it again

 Jul 05 2009


Posted by LightSabre.
Hi Some bad news my PC has a virus trojan and it's useless.I lost all data and i only have GTA IV.

 Jun 24 2009


Posted by LightSabre.
i need someone to give me some files for a mod.this will be a map mod.i will make an map for the whole caribbean sea.and i will get a ship texture and i will make a warship.It will be some slow boat

 Jun 22 2009


Posted by LightSabre.
Uh the project will come out later than i expected because i broke my arm and both legs(Because i jumped out from the window)(i was playing nice game really it was battlefield and it hurt+that was a very long jump.
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit