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 Aug 01 2010

EFLC extension in progress

Posted by MattyDienhoff.
I'm working on an extension to this mod for "Episodes From Liberty City". It will apply the same changes to the original set of weapons and alter the new weapons in a variety of ways. Plans for the new weapons: * Reduce the accuracy of certain weapons, such as the Automatic Pistol. * Tighten the sawn-off shotgun's groups a bit. * Alter the rate of fire of some weapons, especially the AA-12 which fires way too slowly. * Reduce the fuse time on the Grenade Launcher's grenades. * Change wielding animations for the Uzi and M249 so Luis fires them from the shoulder.

 Aug 27 2009

Version 1.1 Release

Posted by MattyDienhoff.
It's been a long time coming, but here it is. Since the first release I've made countless tweaks to the weapon stats, including (new to this version) changed rates of fire for some weapons. See the table in the screenshots section for a detailed overview of the changes.
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