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 Feb 20 2013

Version 6.5 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 6.4 -Policehelis setting now in ini, will be saved using save all settings -Fixed issue with phone sleep mode being saved whilst saving the game, from now on, if you have set sleepmodeactive=0 in ini your phone will automatically be actived even though you saved the game with sleep mode active. If sleepmodeactive=1, the phone will be in sleep mode in all cases. -Created new added car menu which will move the added cars from the normal car spawn menu to the main menu. -ability to set all car models in trainer.ini, this will open up the possibility to choose the car for each menuoption in the car spawn menu. -sometimes car models will not load (this is not caused by the trainer but by the model), in this cases the trainer would stall, I have now added a check, whenever a model isn't loaded by the game within 10 seconds, I am going to assume the model is dodgy and will return to the game without spawning the car.

 Dec 04 2011

Version 6.4 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 6.3 -ability to set 6 stars wanted level even from the start of the game, only works when the freeze wanted level option is used. -ability to randomize the car color in the car color menu. -changed IV trainer to have a quicker menu, as there was a small lag in the menu. -The objects lookup list has been updated to include all objects for the three games, this way, any object can now be spawned in game by the name or number, the list was based upon but missed a few thousand items, now all objects are in based on all the ide files. -The game produced problem with some objects that were spawned too high has been fixed with a workaround, this workaround is automatic, and doesn't require object correction slots, therefore these have been removed. Now all objects should have correct height. -Fixed issue with two TBOGT voices, brucie and gracie having the IV voice instead of the TBOGT specific voice. The same applies to Roman's voice in TLAD. -Ability to speed up the game (fast motion), in time menu, in addition the set time scale options have been renamed to slow motion. -Planes will now spawn using the spawn by model name option -Added spawn ped by modelname option, modelmenu 12, last option. -Increased the TLAD and TBOGT added cars to 60, the same as IV. -Added cars can now also be spawned in MP. Added car menu has been split into two menus.

 May 22 2011

Version 6.3 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 6.2 -Added ability to give the player a drive task, in options menu, player drive task menu, you can set the speed, drivestyle and if autodrive to waypoint is enabled, to stop the task (and regain control of the car), press F11 -Added ability to set pain voice for player (thanks to iriedreadlock23 who explained it to me), I am not sure that they all work, at least the _extras do work, as I was able to use them). You can set the pain voice in the voice menu. -Ability to set the ammo for the current weapon, just enter the amount and it will be set. -Added a timer, in the options menu. -Ability to unfreeze ped when you press enter in the ped move screen, to enable/disable, press F10 in the move screen. -All Walkstyles now work, and additional walkstyles for TLAD and TBOGT have been added. -The 10 save all objects slots will now also save the player's coordinates, so that the load all objects slots can teleport the player to the objects.

 Sep 12 2010

Version 6.2 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 6.1: -Added some more missing car components, now they are all in. -Added 20 added car slots for IV (total 60), TLAD and TBOGT (total 40). -Ability to spawn a car by model name (mainly for added cars, but normal cars can also be spawned, car spawn menu1). -Ability to spawn objects by object name, as well as by hash. Press f10 to toggle between numeric and model name, the underscore is shown as blank (space) in the screen. -Ability to load all saved cars in one go, using the car load/save menu -Ability to override nitro effects for 10 cars (nitro section, [Nitro1] through to [Nitro10]. You can set a total of 4 effects, you need to enable the slot by setting Enable=1, then you need to supply the model name, and then you can enable each of the effects by setting Enable1=1, Enable2=1, and finally set the X, y and z positions and the x, y and z rotation of each effect. -Added a reload nitro settings keycombination (default RAlt+G) to load the override nitro. -Ability to Attach a car to your current car (like a towtruk). Attached car menu off the first page of car options menu. -Added push objects and push all objects, which gives an object a small downforce, only works on dynamic objects, on more objects menu. -Give Weapons 1/2 no longer allow for unlimited ammo, to have unlimited ammo, you need to enable either unlimited ammo/no reload, or unlimited ammo in options menu.

 Aug 28 2010

Version 6.1 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 6.0 -Added all speeches for TLAD and almost all speeches for TBOGT (only a few are still missing). -Added 10 additional speeches slots (player model) both for saving and loading. -Added 20 speeches slots (Bodyguard/Ped) both for saving and loading. -Added 5 additional animation slots (player model). -Added 10 animation slots for last Bodyguard/Ped. -Ability to play the animation for all spawned peds in the ped animation menu. -Ability to assign tasks to all spawned peds or the last spawned ped, in bodyguard/ped task menu. -you can now recruit the nearest ped as bodyguard, with the relevant settings. The recruited bodyguard can be used in the same way as any ped spawned by trainer (clothes, speeches, animations, tasks), it is also included in the edit specific ped. also a keycombination has been added for the recruit function (Ralt+A). -Changed ped bones from 16 to 88 possible ped bones -Ability to attach last spawned object to last spawned Bodyguard/Ped -Ability to attach a specific object to another object, including detach and move, in edit specific objects menu. -Objects that support collision, will now actually have collision when attached to player/ped/car or object. -Added 10 additional attached object slots for cars, 10 for the player and 10 new slots for bodyguard/ped attached objects -Enable/disable Ragdoll, also in trainer.ini (noragdoll), can be saved using save all settings. -Livery is mapped in trainer, the cars that actually have livery in IV, TLAD and TBOGT: Boxville, Burrito, Emperor2, Mule, Patriot, Pony, Sabre2, Speedo, Steed, Vigero2 and Yankee. In addition TLAD: Bati Custom. TBOGT: Faggio2. -changed the radio functions for TLAd and TBOGT as DLC (running under IV) to support all 20 stations, you need to set EFLCDLC=1 in trainertbogt.ini and trainertlad.ini -Ability to set the airbreak keys in trainer.ini. -Fixed issue with health when loading saved cars. -Ability to remove the current weapon. -Several small fixes.

 Jun 05 2010

Version 6.0 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.9 -Regrouped driver settings into it's own separate submenu on bodyguard menu. -Select Specific Ped, you can select a specific ped, and after selected, you can use the normal functions (like move ped, speech menu, clothes menu, animations) on that selected ped. -Issue with added cars and vehicle components fixed. -The attach car to skylift has been added for IV and TLAD trainers (M+num8), ability to set the skylift model name in all three trainer.ini files. -Nitro can now be limited, including waiting time for reloading (and nitrol level idicator), by setting NitroLimit=1 in defaults section of trainertbogt.ini. (or changing it in game). you can also use L+num2 when limit nitro is enabled to fast reload. Finally you can set the color for the nitro level indicator in game. -added some "missed" headsets defined as wrist in clothes menu.

 May 22 2010

Version 5.9 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from Version 5.8: -Ability to set parachute smoke color, using the same 455 colors that are used for neon and the menu. Color and pedbone are now saved from the menu directly. -Fixed issue with Nitro were car wasn't driveable by other players in MP with Nitro enabled. -Updated Nitro to support bikes and cars with different exhaust components.(big thanks to Rschuindt, who did most of the vehicles). -Nitro has been updated to support all vanilla vehicles + bikes. -Maximum speed to which nitro is enabled in defaults section of trainertbogt.ini: NitroMaxSpeed=250, default is set to 250 Km/H. -bodyguard drive speed can now be set to 216 Km/H maximum. -This version is using a new scripthook.dll (dated 16-05-2010) you need to make sure you are using this scripthook.dll, otherwise trainer will not work. This might be a problem for people running IV on patches older then patch 6, if this is the case, you can continue using version 5.8.

 May 13 2010

Version 5.8 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.7: -Reshuffled some of the options on the first options menu page to the second. -added additional episodic weapons slots, Episodic 25 - Episodic 36, including additional sound slots. -added new objects for both tlad and tbogt on the more objects pages, 714 for TLAD, 1443 for TBOGT. -added the following cutscene interiors to interiors teleporting: francis office in IV and TLAD, Elizabeta's Kitchen in EFLC and Stubb's spa room in EFLC. -fixed wrong bodyguard weapons list in tlad and tbogt ini files. -added ablility to have bodyguards follow you by car, (all three games) enable follow as driver in game, or set FollowDriver=1 in trainer.ini. Bodyguards (not other peds) will follow you in a car if the car you are currently in has no more available seats. You can adjust the speed with which they follow you, it is using the same speed as for the driver in bodyguard menu. -teleport bodyguards to player has been changed to have a bit more space behind the player. -Nitro for TBOGT. Can be enabled in game, or by setting CarNitro=1 in trainer.ini. Once in the car you can enable the nitro (providing you have enough speed) by holding the capslock button. You can use it as long as you want, even though there is a upper speed limit. Boats and Helicopers are not enabled for nitro. For the rest all cars will work, but of course only a few have been specifically updated for visual effects. Cars that have been updated: Banshee, Bullet GT, Cognoscenti, Comet, Coquette, Df8, Dukes, F620, Feltzer, Huntley, Infernus, Police Stinger, Sabre GT, Sultan RS, Super Diamond, Super Drop Diamond, SuperGT and Turismo. The following bikes have also been updated: Akuma, Bati Custom, Double T, Hakuchou NRG900, PCJ, Sanchez and Vader. (depending on components). All the others cars and bikes will use the visual effects at a general location. Please note that the trainer's nitro system will not work during races (since then the game functionality is used). -Smoke for Parachute, you can now get the smoke in SP (and MP) by pressing F7 whilst in air with a parachute, for now there is only one color, as the native that is used to set the color isn't in the scripthook. You can set the pedbone used for the smoke in the options menu first page, or set parabone in trainertbogt.ini, bone is saved when you use save all settings.

 May 06 2010

Version 5.7 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.6: -disabled usage of phone sleep mode in MP, not only doesn't it do anything, but it leads to a crash on TBOGT MP only, the same applies to internet, running this script in TBOGT MP leads to a crash, so in MP TBOGT it is disabled. -prevented usage of save game (using tab) when on a mission. (tab is used to display gang status). -added roman's sorrow reverse back to EFLC (textures only). -added some missed car components. -added three additional car colors for TBOGT. -added CS (cutscene) models to all three trainers, you can also use CS models as bodyguards, be aware that they are not normal models, and the fact that they look weird, cannot be fixed. -added scrolltimeMP in all three ini files, if menu scrolling in MP is much faster then in SP you can set this value higher. -Weapon pickup can only be used in MP, disabled usage of this in SP. -added ability to disable trainer mapped hats, glases and wrist items, by setting Modelhats=0 in the ini files. -changed kill enemy ped function in tlad to work for gang wars. -ability to pick up cars using the magnet on the skylift, M+num8 -ability to loop an animation for both player model and bodyguards/peds. -New teleport option on pigeon (or seagull) teleport menu, which teleports you to 125 (IV) or more (EFLC) interiors, including cutscene interiors. if you teleported to the cutscene interiors (the first 20 something teleports in the list, the game is kind of paused, you cannot use the escape key, if you get outside this is automatically disabled again. -change the teleport to destination marker to not go a bit off the marker (request to not crush friends in IV), this way it works a little better when doing basejumps. -added the big yacht and the small plane on the more objects page (TBOGT). -ability to disable the save function to update save statistics by settting SaveStatistics=0.

 Apr 28 2010

Version 5.6 released

Posted by sjaak327.
changes from version 5.5: -added missing Diabolus for TLAD, removed Hellfury on the last page, as the model was already inside IV and on the 4th menu page. -faggio2 in TBOGT was spawning the IV faggio, fixed. -Vehicle components are mapped for the new EFLC vehicles. -fixed the first version bug of swapping the M40A1 and PSG1. -removed the IV like and respect and replaced with DLC specific Like/respect stats. -mapped hats and glases for all DLC models. -added TBOGT and TLAD new animations. -added teleport options specific to EFLC, seagulls, random characters, deleted stevie's carthefts, stunts jump remain (they do work in the EFLC). Also changed the savehouses from IV in teleporting menu to relevant EFLC content. Finally the mission and location blips have been updated for EFLC. -added the armor pickups for TLAD and TBOGT. -Radio message when changing station, won't appear if display messages has been disabled. -Mapped all voices and speeches for the new EFLC models. -Various other fixes.

 Apr 19 2010

Version 5.5 released

Posted by sjaak327.
changes from version 5.4: -fixed problems with vehicle menu 5 in IV, TBOGT and TLAD MP.Added cars now have a separate menu off the 5th vehicle menu. -fixed inability to spawn some of the new DLC vehicles in MP using shortcuts. -fixed special 2 for Luis by disabling this option for this model only. -fixed crash on TBOGT MP when exiting the subway. -New shortcut for TBOGT only: M+Num 3=parachute.

 Apr 18 2010

Version 5.4 released

Posted by sjaak327.
changes from version 5.3: -added yet some more car components that were missing -fixed player gravity not working properly at all times -added missing Ransom mission (Gerald). -saving the game use the save game function will now update the saves made game statistic. -Added support for EFLC, there will be three trainers (Trainer.asi=GTAIV, trainertlad.asi=TLAD, trainertbogt=TBOGT) with thee separate ini files (trainer.ini=IV, trainertlad=tlad, trainertbogt=tbogt) allows to have game specific's in the menu's plus game specific saved cars, shortcuts for cars and other relevant stuff. Please be aware that EFLC is out for about two days, not all things are done for EFLC yet.

 Feb 18 2010

Version 5.3 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.2: -Added missing car component. -Added car/bike in air check for cruise control. -Changed display info, as it was displaying no vehicle when you re-entered a vehicle. -Changed subway simulator to have three carriages instead of two, added interior camera 3. -Shortcut for Add force to player (M+8). -Lock camera (when in vehicle), via car menu or M+9. (can also be set to start automatically in trainer.ini or using save settings). -New Mission Select menu in the mission help menu, where you can start all available story line missions, also all cutscenes can be viewed (without having to start a mission). it also includes the friends missions. MP usage is disabled.(You need to be Niko to prevent a crash, but Niko in MP is bad news). Thanks to LMS for helping me on this. -Added a mission check, if you are on a mission (both game and mission select mission), you cannot change the model. -ability to set gravity for player only (options menu first page). -Suicide option (options menu first page). -Create current weapon pickup, in weapons menu, this option will create a pickup off the current weapon, this can then be picked up by other players. -Car Health Display added. -Ability to delete the saved car. -Ability to set selected object dynamic or static. -Fixed issue with clone specific object. -Disable Alarm when stealing in trainer.ini and saved when using save settings.

 Jan 24 2010

Version 5.2 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.1: -No Ragdoll Whilst Falling in trainer.ini. Also saved when using save settings to trainer.ini. -Jump key for No Ragdoll Whilst Falling (J) can be set in trainer.ini. -Animation that is used when using the jump key for No Ragdoll Whilst Falling can be set in trainer.ini (Aname and ASet). -Radius for Clear Area in trainer.ini, Also saved when using save settings to trainer.ini. -When using Clear Area via shortcut, the weapon is not switched (by trainer). -Changed the object save system, rotation should now always be saved corrected, as it gets the rotation at save time, this does mean that for older objects.ini (made with previous trainer versions) you need to add the following to objects.ini (or objects2, 3, 4 or 5) [Legacy] Legacy=1 By adding these two lines to objects.ini, (at the top of the file NOT per object !), it will still be loaded correctly. Once it's loaded in game, you can simply save them again, and this way the old objects.ini is compatible with the new version of the trainer, and there is no need to add these two lines. Again ONLY for objects.ini made with trainers before 5.2 !. -Because of the above, the objects spawned will now have Niko's heading. -Added 5 more save all objects slots on more objects menu. -Ability to edit a specific object, in object menu, you can select the object id (id's run from 0 (first) to 499 (last)), you can delete, clone, move or make the selected object invisible/visible. The current selected objectid will be marked on screen. -Clone object will now work if you deleted an object, it will then clone the previous object. -The same applies to move object. -Some objects still are spawned to high if you clone, save/load them, this cannot be fixed other then correcting the height for those specific objects on clone or save time, The trainer already corrects around 40 objects for you, now you can add objects that you want corrected yourself: Objectcorrections section in trainer.ini, allows you to add 20 object corrections, one example is already provided in trainer.ini. -Added preview for objects that you can choose using lists, (not the 60 predefinied slots) hold X to preview the object. -Added Slower object movement and rotation. -Shortcuts for Freeze and unfreeze Car (M+2 and M+3) and for Freeze and unfreeze Player (M+4 and M+5). -Ability to set the force used for lower car in-game, will also be saved when using save settings. -The List of shortcuts in game will now list the actual shortcuts that are loaded from Trainer.ini. -Vehicle components are mapped, this means that the number of components that are available on the vehicle components menu is related to the used model. By default this is enabled. If you use custom (replaced) cars, you can disable this by setting VehicleComponents=0 in trainer.ini. For added cars this is in any case no problem. -Added Player Alpha (options menu) and Car Alpha (car options menu), car Alpha works on current and or saved car. -Added Display Info (option menu), this will display Playermodel, Carmodel en area name at the bottom of the screen. You can set this in trainer.ini or save settings to load on game start. -Added 20 additional added car slots. -Key for Explode Saved Car M+6. -Added backward speed for car (R). -Added Ability to disable (and enable) both car and player collision. -Added weaponsounds for episodic weapons, if you add weapons (instead of replacing), the weapons don't have sound, you can however set sounds in trainer.ini, section sounds. to use this, you need to set enabled to 1 in the sounds section. -Ability to change fonts used by the menu, set this ingame (menucolor/font). You can choose between 7 different fonts, but some might mess up spacing a bit. -Added cruise control, enable using M+7, speed up and speed down are game assigned vehicle controls, if you hit stuff the cruise control is disabled. Also if you use any other trainer function related to speed (like speedup, backward speed, instant stop), cruise control will be disabled.

 Jan 10 2010

Version 5.1 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 5.0: -Added additional camera's for the subway and changed the access keys for them, now you can use: Num 0 (game camera), Num 1 (Cockpit), Num 2 (Interior 1) Num 3 (Interior 2), Num 4 (Side 1), Num 5 (Side 2), Num 6 (Roof), Num 7 (Front) and Num 8 (Rear). The roof camera can be moved using W and S (forward/back) and A and D for Left/Right. Rotation now uses R for counter clock wise and X for clock wise and is supported on all cameras. -Keys that are used for subway simulator can be set in trainer.ini. -added shortcut for Move Last Spawned Object (M+0) and Clone Last Spawned Object (M+1). -sync time to system time, will also sync the day to the current system day. -blue neons in MP are changed thanks to Mastermember for submitting these. -fixed bug in clone object that would lead to game crash if you deleted the object and then choose clone. -fixed another bug (introduced in 5.0) where the clone object via the menu would incorrectly set the rotation for one object. -Added adjustable hydraulics force in trainer.ini, HydraulicForce. -Added function lower car, which will apply a constant force to the car in able to lower it, you can adjust the force in trainer.ini: LowerCarForce -Added No Ragdoll whilst falling, this will prevent Niko from ragdolling when falling, to make a roll jump, press J just before you hit the ground. Enable using options menu page 1.

 Jan 03 2010

Version 5.0 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.9: -New shotcut to say a random speech for current playermodel, it will either use the model, or if a voice has been set, the voice that was set to play the speech. -New setting for special car god mode, total car god mode, this will override any of the special car god mode settings and will make the car invulnerable for anything (including scratches) setting can be changed in both the ini and ingame. This will also make some of the trainer's functions useless (like switch off engine or remove car window). -Key to save car to slot 1 (RALT+8) and to load the car from Slot 1 (RALT+9). -Speeches that are loaded using the shortcuts now work in MP. -Roman's sorrow reverse can be enabled using defaults section in trainer ini (RomanSorrow). -Reduced delay in clone object to 0.5 seconds. -Limited access to save game function, this will only execute when the player is using the model for Niko, of course the regular save game function will still let you save with someone other then Niko!. -Save settings to trainer.ini (options, 2nd menu page), this will let you save settings which you changed ingame to trainer.ini's default section, also any bodyguard settings you've changed will be saved to trainer.ini's bodyguard section. All settings that can be set in game (and make sense to be reloaded) are supported, only a few options will still need to be set via trainer.ini (like DLC and Episodic). -Added some settings to defaults section of trainer.ini (which will also be saved using the save settings): Disable/Enable Peds, Disable/Enable Cars, Enable/Disable Coordinates on Screen, Car Color for attacking driver/ped, Money for bodyguards/peds, DoNotWarp setting, which can also be changed in game (carspawn menu). -Added Freeze and unfreeze player to options menu page 1. -Added subway simulator, new subway spawn menu, (car spawning menu 1), where you can select one of the 4 lines, and then select a station, you will then be teleported into the subway at the selected station, where you can start riding it. By default the train will stop at each station, to leave a station and begin riding, press L, to speed up press Numpad +, speed down is Numpad -, To open/close right subway doors, press the right arrow, for left doors, use the left arrow key. To disable stopping at stations, press the Q key, to switch to cockpit view press X. To rotate the cockpit view, use R. To stop the subway press B, Use F to exit the subway. During subway usage, other functions of the trainer are disabled. Some things to note: if stop at stations is enabled (which it is by default), the subway runs in a semi automatic mode, you need to use L to leave a station, this will also automatically close the platform side doors (and will prevent them being closed whilst at the station), also this will make the subway stop automatically at each station. (and opening the platform side doors) If stop at stations is disabled this automatic behavior doesn't occur. Disabling it at a station has no effect at first, as you still need to use L to leave the station, but after you've left the station, the game will not stop at the next station, nor will you have any use for L (until you enable stop at stations again). When using the enter key to skip to next station you will be put somewhere along the tracks, if the doors not open (whilst stop at station is enabled) this means the train has not reached it's exact starting position, if that happens, just press L and the train will go to the exact start position, press L again to leave the station again this is only applicable when stop at stations is enabled. Another thing to note is that F (to leave the train) is the actual key mapped to exit vehicle, so if you remapped that action to antother key, you need to use that key to exit the subway. When using enter (to skip to next station), the total distance display will not be accurate anymore, the game somehow doesn't record the statistics correctly if that happens. -New key to enter a subway spawned by other players in MP: RALT+7 enter subway. (also on carspawn menu). -MaxTrainSpeed setting in defaults.ini, to set the maximum train speed, default =120Km/H, setting it higher will be unrealistic.Also this value is depending on the trainmetric setting, so if you use Miles, set the 120 to the relevant miles value. -TrainMetric setting in defaults.ini, to set whether or not the metric system is used for the subway simulator. -Added Hydraulics, (thanks to atomic1 who provided the code), use Num 8 for hydraulics to the front of the car, Num 2 for the back, Num 4 for left, Num 6 for right and Num 5 for center. These keys are the same keys that are used for the menu system, if you re-assigned these keys to any other keys, those re-assigned keys would be used, also since they share the keys with the menu system, whenever the menu is displayed, hydraulics will not work. -Ability to set the health of the car you are in (or the saved car). -Added vehicle model hashes to the big object model list, so that they can be spawned as objects also using the in-game spawn by model hash function. -Atomic1 provided 39 objects of which the height will be corrected if you save and clone the object (there were two objects where the trainer corrects this already, oiltank and cjboatramp). -Fixed the clone object function (the one using the menu, not the move screen), it was wrong.

 Dec 20 2009

Version 4.9 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.8: -Changed the speeches system dramatically. All speeches that are in speeches.rpf are also in the trainer. This means that once you enter the speech menu with a model all the speeches that are available for that particular model will appear in the speeches menu, all speeches that are displayed will also work. I have added a counter to this menu, so you can see immediately how many speeches are available for the model (or voice if you set the voice for the model). The same applies to any voice that you set for the player character. A total of 803 voices and 23075 speeches are in. Of course many speeches have multiple recorded speeches, so the number of 23075 is in fact much higher. Some models will even have different set of speeches, depending on the head id that is selected (using the clothes menu). For instance the fatcop, has one set of speeches if the model is black, another one if the model is white. To get it one step further, some models even have a different set of speeches depending on both the head id, and the head texture (also configurable using the clothes menu), for instance for the black cop, there are two speech sets, for the white cop, there are also two (depending if the cop is a white or an hispanic). Whatever head id or texture the model currently has, determines the speech list that is shown. The above changes also apply to the bodyguard speech and voice menu functions. Furthermore, there are a few models (around 45) that have no recorded voices whatsoever (like Faustin or French Tom for instance), in this case I have mapped to a different voice, if this is the case, it will be indicated in the speech menu with the name of the voice to which it is mapped. -Added 6 more speeches load and save slots. Also now if you load a speech, it will be played with the voice that was used to save the speech. -Changed keybindings for the load speech slots from Ralt+num 7/Ralt+num 0 to Rshift+1 for slot 1 through to Rshift+0 for slot 10. -Due to a game bug, the clothes menu will prevent changing hats, glasses or helmets for Niko only, if you already changed to another model during the game session. Also since helmets are also used when you get on a bike, I prevent this as well. -Setting to skip animation when setting bomb, this will also skip the bomb object. Skipbombanim in defaults section of trainer.ini -4 more "all save object slots", on more objects menu, these will be saved to objects2.ini through to objects5.ini. -5 more save/load slots for both player and car attached objects. -Limited usage of the Tuga to one per MP session, this applies to all ways possible to spawn cars (using menu, shortcuts, load car and bodyguard attacking driver). -When you change to another player model and you're in a car, you will now warped back to the same seat as you were when you executed the change model function. -Never Tired setting in trainer.ini did not enable the never tired in game, this is now fixed.

 Dec 20 2009

Version 4.8 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.7: -Various small bug fixes, nothing major. -fixed the delete last spawned objects (1 to 5) in the menu. This now works correctly. -added 30 additional objects which are customisable using the ini, they are located on the more objects page (last option on the objects menu). -Option to find objects in game, Get Damaged object id, you must first inflict damage on the object from which you want the model hash, then choose this option and hopefully it will find the object id (it will be displayed in game for 10 seconds and printed to scripthook.log). Also the object name is retrieved and displayed in game and printed in the log file. Also for convenience it is displayed in the spawn object by entering model hash screen. -Changed the spawn object by entering model hash to do a lookup if the hash is correct (big thanks to Tim Riches for providing the excellent spreadsheet with the object hashes). This way, if you enter an non existing hash, the game will not crash anymore, and you can correct the hash. Also added ability to enter shorter hashes, based upon Tim's spreadsheet, the shortest is 5 digits. The same applies to longer object hashes, you could already spawn 10 digits hashes, now you can spawn upto 12 digits hashes. -Changed attached object rotation move speed, this allows for slower movement. -Adjusted height for two popular objects: cj_boat_ramp and nj05_oiltnkbig, they should now have the correct height. -Added Attachted objects load/save menu, you can save attached objects for both car (and saved car) and player, into 5 slots for car and 5 slots for player, of course with correpsonding load slots. -Re-organised the object menu to reduce some scrolling. -Fixed a problem with delete object that had influence on the save all objects function. -Ability to set sync time to system time in defaults section of trainer.ini so that time is synced on game start. -changed saved car, in MP the game assigned a new ID if you were far away from it, I prevented that. -ability to change neon colors in MP, 5 colors are supported instead of just one. -Keycombination for Random Attacking Ped: LAlt+8. -Added police speeches, if you use a police model, or have set a police voice for any model, a different set of speeches will appear.

 Nov 29 2009

Version 4.7 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.6: -Set camera behind player option for airbreak, you can set it both in the ini and in game, using the airbreak speed/camera submenu. -added random attacking ped in bodyguard menu. -New weapon for peds/bodyguard, rocket. -added random weapon, when you set this in the bodyguard menu, by choosing random as weapon, any bodyguards or peds will spawn with a random weapon, you can set the range from which the weapon is selected by setting RandomMin and RandomMax in bodyguards section of trainer.ini 1 is the lowest, 18 the highest, numbers correspond with the weapons list in the ini. For best effect, disable the driveby weapon. Also to make random weapons selection default, set Weapon=19 in bodyguards section of trainer.ini. -Mute player, this will set a dummy voice for the player, so that he is mostly silent -4 speech slots, you can save a speech to a slot (via the speech menu), where you can load it as well, also 4 key combinations are avaible, (RALT+7 through to RALT+0). -added 10 more save car slots. -the save car slots now also take livery into consideration. -Ability to freeze and unfreeze both the car niko is currently in, and the saved car. -When you move an object the second time, the rotation information is saved. So it doesn't go back to default rotation, this also applies to the move attached object menus (car and player). -added car tyre menu, you can burst or fix all the car's tyres, or any individual tyre.

 Nov 23 2009

Version 4.6 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.5: -Support for patch 5, allthough previous trainers should also work. -Save car changed so that the saved car is never going to be deleted by the game (the K+num1 feature) -Changed the vibe 98.9 to the vibe 98.8 -Fixed old bug, where if you used destroy engine on the saved car, the game would crash. -Relations ship menu is back, you can set the relationship group for the player, if for instance you set it to cops, you still get a wanted level, but cops won't attack you, in fact they will help you if someone attacks you.

 Nov 07 2009

Version 4.5 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.4: -Fixed object movement and airbreak keys not working when keybinds are disabled using the disable keybinds function.

 Nov 02 2009

Version 4.4 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.3: -remove all weapons option, in the weapons menu -silence car alarm when stealing. -sometimes, when chatting in MP, the last key you used in that chatwindow, would register into the game, leading the trainer to perform an action that was assigned to the same key. (for instance ? - explode car) This has been fixed now, so you can use ? without having to worry that some car will explode. -Also if you disable keys or the trainer, keys will not register anymore (this was added in 4.2). -Added ability to use added cars both for the load/save car slots, and as model for attacking driver/ped, Not in MP. -Marbella renamed to Marbelle. -Added nj05_oiltnkbig to object spawn menu.

 Oct 24 2009

Version 4.3 released.

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.2: -Added ability to set move and rotation speed for attached objects in the move screen. -Added ability to clone an object right in the object move screen by pressing RCTRL+A. -Fixed cloned objects rotation when using the save all objects function. -Dynamic objects setting is now considered when using the save all objects function. -Fixed the 5 save objects slots to also consider dynamic status, and fixed slots 2-5, which were not taking rotation into consideration.

 Oct 22 2009

Version 4.2 released.

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.1: -added ability to disable/enable all key bindings (except menu navigation keys), options menu page 1. this can also be set using KeyBindingsDisabled in defaults section of trainer.ini -ability to rotate attached object over all axis similar to the object move menu. -ability to set the object spawn distance in trainer.ini -save all objects now takes rotation into consideration. -the Save and load objects slots also take rotation into consideration. -ability to spawn added cars (see new section Addedcars, in this section there are 20 slots, you can set each slot to enable (Enable1=1, Enable2=1), set the model name that is used to spawn the car (ModelName1=Ferrari, ModelName2=Porsche) and the displayname, used on the menu which is car spawn menu page 5 (DisplayName1=Ferrari, DisplayName2=Porsche). Because of this, the numeric values used for the key carspawns have been changed to use the model name, so if you upgrade from previous versions and you intend to keep trainer.ini, copy that section over, as the keyname also has changed, to prevent crashes when still using an old trainer.ini. Please note that the added cars are disabled in MP, this applies to the 20 menu options and any non standard car that you have assigned to the 12 key spawns.Also if the random key spawn loads an added car in MP, it won't be spawned. -LAlt+6 assign task to last spawned ped.

 Sep 08 2009

Version 4.1 released.

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 4.0: -Added extra sunny2 weather. -You can now assign tasks to the last spawned ped. (no need to spawn a new ped). -Removed Stand still freezed as it was pretty much the same as the stand still task, added new task flee player. -Ability to save and load up to 5 animations (last played). -Also you can load those 5 animations by using RAlt+1 through to RAlt+5. -Ability to save all spawned objects to objects.ini, of course including load function. -Added Vlad and Vinny Spaz to both models and bodyguards. -Ability to set ragdoll key in trainer.ini. (to have it on one hotkey, set both RagDollKey1 and RagDollKey2 to the same value. -Removed Relationship menu, I couldn't get it to work.

 Aug 12 2009

Version 4.0 released.

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 3.9: -fixed menu display bug, where peds were enabled, but the menu displayed disabled. -new section in trainer.ini, car menu, where you can set the car names that will display on the menu, and on the bodyguard menu (car selection), this will also change the display message once you spawn a car and the name of the car blip if enabled. Maximum is 65 Characters. -added ragdoll + apply force (using the same parameters as the apply force to player) when you ungrab a car. -Unlimited Ammo with reload can now be enabled on game startup using the defaults section of trainer.ini, the in game message when enabling/disabling the function has been fixed. -Under Car Neons can now be enabled via the defaults section of trainer.ini (NeonEnabled=1). -New shortcult (LAlt+9) for under car neons. -5 object spawn shortcuts (LALT+1 through to LALT+5) using the first 5 object spawn slots. -New shortcut (LALT+6) for Clear Area. -Added 5 more car save/load slots -Ability to load saved cars near the player, to enable use last option in Car Load/save menu, or set LoadNearPlayer=1 in defaults section of trainer.ini. -Added all the configurable options for special car god mode to the defaults section of trainer.ini -Changed teleport to first destination marker, so that you will be teleported away from the marker, instead of just on the marker. -Explode car to valid destination marker, mission menu and LAlt+7 -Changed Engine on/off to not display smoke when engine is switched off. -Smash Car window/steal car, go near a car, and press LAlt+0 (or use the menu), Niko will smash the window and enter the car. -Ability to move attached objects for both player and car attached objects. -Ingame messages that are displayed when using keyshortcuts options can all be disabled now, both in trainer.ini (displaymessages=0) and ingame (options menu, page 1). -Ability to set player relationships with other groups, via the options menu. -Added 2500 additional objects, last option in the objects menu. -Small change in move objects, to rotate along Z axis, now use num 9 and num 7, the full axis rotation has been re-assigned to /+num1 and /+num3. -Destroy/Fix Car Engine, this is the old swith engine off function.

 Jun 28 2009

Version 3.9 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 3.8: -Removed Niko from MP -SkipBomb setting in trainer.ini for people who have crashes with the bomb model that is used for set bomb. -LALT+K for warp into nearest car as passenger -Added Unlimited Ammo, with reload. -Enable/Disable Planes (at the Airport). -Fixed tab so it doesn't bring up second save screen when pressed multiple times. -Added Save and Load car, you can save up to 5 cars, and load them again, with same colors, components and position. -you can now attach the last spawned object either to the player (14 positions) or the car you are in, or the saved car. -changed task drive to waypoint and the normal drive task, you can now set the speed in game and in the ini, -Changed special god mode, so that you can customise it the following way: Special godmode Can be switched on by default, using SpecialGodMode=1 in defaults section of trainer.ini three more properties can be set, CarSeatbelt=0, BikeSeatbelt=0 and Dragged=1. -added 5 save and load slots for bodyguard clothes, in bodyguard clothes menu. -Gravity gun now supports objects, for now only objects you spawned are picked up, you need to set the target to objects only in-game. -Cleanup menu that will clean up the area, cars, peds, objects or cops, does not work on objects you spawned yourself (use delete object for those), also not on peds that you spawned yourself (unless you use all bodygards/ped leave function), and cars that you spawned yourself if car blips are enabled use mark all spawned cars for deletion, and the clear menu will work on spawned cars. -Ability to set the object spawn distance between -25 and 25, behind/in front of the player.

 Jun 22 2009

Version 3.8 released

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 3.7: -Make car dirty. -Explode Saved Car. -Warp into nearest car as passenger, only if car has valid driver. -Fixed clone object so that object rotation is taken into consideration -Added Ped move menu, similar to the object move menu. -Added Model Voice menu, where you can select the voice to be used for the playermodel. -Added Bodyguard/ped Voice menu, where you can select the voice to be used for the last spawned bodyguard/ped. -Added Model Speech menu, where you can select from a range of speeches and have the model say it. -Added Bodyguard/ped Speech menu, same as above but now for the last bodyguard/ped that you spawned. -Added Model Walk Style menu, where you can select the walking style for the playermodel. -Added Bodyguard/ped Walk Style menu, same as above but now for the last spawned bodyguard/ped. -Internet can be started from the options menu. Or using LAlt+I. Can be used everywhere. -Added Hats, Glasses and wrist to both model and bodyguard/ped clothes menu. -Added Animation Menu where you can select 6373 animations for the playermodel. -Added Animation Menu for the last spawned bodyguard/ped, with 6373 animations to choose from. -Fixed special godmode, you don't die when falling from big heights. -Changed the key for grab from G to .> the function that used to be on that key (Freeze Nearest Car) now uses LALT+J. -Gravity gun and grab function are both visible to other players in MP -Under car neons are visible to other players in MP, only one color is now supported, in SP the full 455 colors are available.

 May 22 2009

Version 3.7 released.

Posted by sjaak327.
Changes from version 3.6: -Added ability to change textures, both for player and peds clothes menus, also the save and load function is supporting textures. -Added Give and remove helmet to both clothing menus. -RCTRL+R to load first clothes slot. -Ability to switch off police helicopters when wanted, options menu second page. -Add blip for current car, by saving the car (K+Num 1). -Ability to give negative X, Y, Z values for gravity gun. -Fixed Teleport to car, to take into consideration occupied seats. -Roman's Sorrow Reverse, this "fixes" the garage and roman's apartment, re-enables the taxi service, and will let you save at the apartment (though you will not be able to start the game there). -You can now also change object rotation speed, both in trainer.ini and in game. -Possiblity to make objects dynamic, so you can run over them, so they are not locked in place. -Possibility to safe the last spawned object to trainer.ini (5 slots), of course with 5 matching load options. -Better Object rotation, you can now rotate over X, Y, Z and all three axes. -Now keeping track of 500 objects instead of 200. -Clone Object function, that will clone the object in the same place as the original object. -Ability to change the object move and rotation speed right in the object move menu (while you are moving an object). -Ability to delete the last 5 to 1 spawned objects, -RCTRL+T enable/disable dynamic objects. -RCTRL+U Delete last spawned object -RCTRL+X Last Object invisible/visible -RCTRL+Y All Ojects invisible/visible -Ability to set the distance behind player for attacking driver/ped. -Fixed bug in car color menu (and bodyguard car color menu), causing it to crash if you had more then 134 colors. -Added apply force to player, inlcuding ragdoll. You can set the paramters of the force, both in trainer.ini and in game. -Add Explosion around Player, RCTRL+Z, including applying a force, that uses the same paramters as the apply force to player function, work also in the car. -Ability to delete all blips for cars. -Made small changes to peds, so that they stay focused on the task more. -RCTRL+G (Clean Clothes) changed to RCTRL+V. -Grabfunction, hold on to cars, currently very rough, needs some tweaking, but have included it anyways, best way to do it, is spawn a car, a driver and then get out and press g. Or simply walk up to a car and press g. You can use the car speedup key (]}) whilst grabbing a car.
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