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 Oct 30 2009

V5.0 released!

Posted by Dutchy3010.
Finally, v5.0 is released. Please upgrade to be able to play all missions.

 Oct 18 2009

Trailer v5

Posted by Dutchy3010.
We just released a trailer of version 5. With the release date!

 Aug 12 2009

Beta for V5.0

Posted by PatrickW.
We released a beta version of DYOM V5. Our goal with this beta, is to let users have a preview of things to come, and to get some feedback on the new features. This beta version is limited, in that you won't be able to save or load missions. Keep in mind that this is still work in progress, although we have tested it all, some things might still not work complete as expected. The official V5 version will have more functions, which we still have to implement.

 Jan 09 2009


Posted by Dutchy3010.
We uploaded V4.1, which is a bugfix version.
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