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 Aug 31 2008

iTiTiTMod 1.8 bug fixes

Posted by ititit.
iTiTiTMod 1.8 (now works with both sa version 1.0 and 1.1)

*Cheat*                          *Effect*
god1                             Enables God Mode
god0                             Disables God Mode
car1                             if you are in a car/bike it will *NOTE 1*
rage                             if you press fire you will destroy anything in front of you
pagdown/8                        While in car Enables/Disables Cruise Control
End/0                            Car/Bike SuperAcceleration
Del/9                            Car/Bike Air Stop
auto                             put yourself on a infernus
moto                             put yourself on a pcj600
bike                             put yourself on a bmx
boat                             put yourself on a vortex
move                             teleport to map target (first set the target or the game will crash)
ammo                             Enable/Disable Infinite ammo
save                             save game
stat                             SuperStats (Muscles,Drive,Respect,Accuracy)

*NOTE 1*
make the car/bike everithing proof,unflippable,super heavy,tires of steel,and repair it if it is damaged
and enables never fall of bike
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit