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 Jun 22 2008

G^seu quick fix released

Posted by ATHMystikal.
After I released G^seu V 0.1 beta2, I got a number of feedbacks related to some bugs. so I decided to release a quick fix.

These were the bugs that are fixed:

1. After an update, CJ was spawned at wrong safehouse. This is fixed.

2. There was some problems related to new Interior-Exterior pairs. This is also fixed.

3. I have disabled the tools ability to connect special interiors properly. This is reenabled in this version.

 Jun 19 2008

G^seu V 0.1 Beta 2 Released

Posted by ATHMystikal.
Hi guys.

I have released Beta 2 of my GTASA SaveGame ENEX Updater aka G^seu 0.1 beta2.

A number of bugs found in beta1 is fixed and a lot more features are added.

thanks Xmen and OrionSR for their advices and informations.

 Jun 18 2008

Bug found fixed

Posted by ATHMystikal.
A bug in the tool was reported by Xmen; Thanks.

Ok I managed to fix it. But i did not uploaded it. I will do it shortly.

 Jun 17 2008

About burglary ENEX

Posted by ATHMystikal.
I found that, there are some new ENEX connections added to savefile by the game. Apart from enex in IPL files, these are probably related to burglary missions. I'm not sure when these entries are added to savefile. So at present the tool may not be able to correctly update such savefiles.

But I'm working hard on it.

 Jun 17 2008

Added new feature

Posted by ATHMystikal.
Just 1 hour ago, I added a new feature. This allows to add ipls generated by other tools also.
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