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Viewing News for GTA3 eXtreme Savegame 0.7

 Sep 17 2007

Mod shutdown

Posted by Claude007.

Due to the large amount of people having trouble with GTA3 Extreme Savegame I hereby shutdown the mod.
No further updates will be available; however, the mod will still be up.


 Sep 15 2007

Helicopter shots!

Posted by Claude007.

I have uploaded a picture of the helicopter in action.
Have a look!

Also, about the fix, only download it if you really are having trouble with the mod.
It requires you to start a new game, and play the missions all the way to Shoreside...

 Sep 08 2007

Malfunction fix!

Posted by Claude007.

I have finished the fix for GTA3 Extreme Savegame.

It should be in the downloads section soon.

Please, read the HowTo file!
It contains important info, as this fix replaces default.ide and main.scm.

It only fixes the Full Winged Dodo, and makes it spawn by itself at the airport!
I will not guarantee that it works for you; however, it did for me.

Download it.

This will probably be the last fix as I no longer have much time to work with modding...

 Aug 30 2007

1.1 problem

Posted by Claude007.

It seems there is a slight malfunction if you have the 1.1 version of GTAIII...

1.1 obviously prevents GTA from spawning the Dodo and Heli.
Although it will spawn the Manana and Borgnine, the Borgnine is the only vehicle accessible, as the Manana is next to Heli and when you open Shoreside and Staunton garage it crashes.

If it wont work, check the following:

* Delete the files named "txd.img" and "txd.dir" from your GTAIII/models directory.
* Check if you have the 1.1 patch. In that case, there is nothing to do...

I will try to create a mod that removes these blocks from 1.1...

 Aug 24 2007


Posted by Claude007.
It has finally been approved!
There are some cool shots of the Fully Winged Dodo over at the Screenshots section.
Check it out!

Plus, Im working on another savegame that will have (just like this) great stats, and some really sweet cars parked in garages.
All of them will be everythingproof, of course!

I will upload the description today, check it out!
It will be named "GTA3: Cool Cars Savegame".

You will have 999 in health and armor and will not be destroyable.

Check it out:)

 Aug 23 2007


Posted by Claude007.
OK guys, it has been released!

Just uploaded the RAR file containing:
* Extreme Savegame
* Readme
* Some Screenshots.

I have also uploaded some pictures to be here.

GTAGarage has to approve the stuff first, though.

Once it is up,
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit