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 Sep 16 2021

Stepping Away From Modding!

Posted by I_Hack_Edit_GTA.
I want to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded this Save Editor! I have finished this project and layed it dormant for over 2 Years now with no follow up updates or changes and that goes for both projects I made... I want to say from everything I did, that you enjoy the editors I made and that you cherish them! I will not be coming back to modding!

 Apr 20 2018

V4 Underway!

Posted by I_Hack_Edit_GTA.
I am proud to announce the new editor which is being released sometime this month, perhaps before the end of the week! Look out for it

 Aug 14 2017

V4 Delayed for upcoming Ajit Pai

Posted by I_Hack_Edit_GTA.
Sorry that this has been delayed due to the uprising of Ajit Pai, I know that right now there is nothing holding me back from releasing the updated version but I insist of holding it off mainly because I don't know what's going to happen in the matter of months to come. This does leave a major gap between me uploading the updated editor and rather being worried that this entire basis created from what I do simply leaves me with doubt with the new act being determined by congress. Many of you might think that I am in all terms a "baby" and that I "Shouldn't be worried about this issues because it may takes years to effect the internet as a whole". I am simply, in kind terms, terminating the V4 project until further details are supplied. Until then the V4 project as stated above will be terminated until December 30th and if things go to plan then the save editor might be up sooner (December 25th). If the whole plan flops then the save editor will be released in March 29th, 2018 - I_Hack_Edit_GTA (P.S The new updated editor will have it's own GTAGarage page just like this one, once released this one will be changed and outdated)
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