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 Oct 04 2017

Update 10/3/2017!

Posted by ljonny.
I am glad to say, that I have finally uploaded the final product of Chapter 3. I am sorry for the long wait, and extended period of drought, with no news. I was having technical difficulties, now that I see the file has uploaded successfully! I can now begin with releasing other forms of work.. Stay clear, for news within the upcoming days..

 Jul 04 2017

News Flash 7/4/2017

Posted by ljonny.
Hello all, I know this isn't a very popular mission pack. however just for my own personal satisfaction, I am doing a news update on when future packs will be uploaded. I had plans to upload Chapter 3, and a teaser for chapter 4 Mid June... Unfortunately I forgot to upload the Pack, before I left on my journey to Eastern Europe. I am sitting in the middle of a Baltic Country right now with 14 days left of my vacation, and I will be busy with personal chores for a while when I do get back. I will make it in my best interest, or priority to upload the finished packs and continue working on what I have accomplished so far. Just so people know this isn't a dying or incomplete mission pack. Most of the work is done, however further additions and complications must be added to the Chapter Four pack. Flash back missions are still a complete thing as well, they will be uploaded side by side with the Chapter 3 Pack, around July 20th hopefully. It has been a busy few months, and this is still on my mind "greatly" and "bigly" ~ljonny (The Angel of Death)

 May 31 2017

Update 5/31/2017

Posted by ljonny.
I've decided due to the fact, that this story contains scenes of smoking, and drinking to add the required models necessary for cutscenes along with characters. These featured models and mods were not designed by myself, they are in the LS-RP ModPack which was linked in the Description. However, due to easier access I've easily gathered the necessary files for this Mission pack. Enjoy. Expect more to follow.
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