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 Dec 28 2016

CLEO Mod Manager Is Released!

Posted by slidersplash.
CLEO Mod Manager Features: * Enable/Disable cleo * Uninstall Scripts * Update CLEO * Backup & Restore CLEO * Disable/Enable Scripts Enable/Disable cleo: when you don't want to play with cleo or the game crashes, just Disable CLEO and Enable it when you want to. Unisntall Scripts: Uninstall (Delete) any script you don't want. Update Cleo: update the cleo if having problems. Restore and Backup: Create a backup copy of cleo, can be useful when you have spoiled your cleo installation NOTE THAT CMM ONLY BACKUPS THE NECCESARY FILES OF CLEO THAT THE CLEO NEEDS TO RUN. IT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE CLEO SCRIPTS, OR THE SCMLOG. Disable Script: Very Useful if you have recently installed any mod script and your game behavoring badly then its possible that some scripts are buggy. and in that case you can temporarly disable that scripts. and when you want it back just enable it. Disclaimer THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE MAY THE PROGRAMMER(S) OF THIS SOFTWARE BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABLITY TO USE THIS SOFTWARE. USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! All programming, designing, inspiring by Gaurav M. (me) © Copyright 2016 Gaurav M.
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