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 Apr 18 2015

Awaiting Approval

Well the current saves are still waiting approval... WHAT so bad and no admin checked it? I hope it gets approved soon. Anyways, comment which missions you want.

 Apr 17 2015

Which was uploaded first?

I added #1, #2 and etc in front of description, so you know which mission was firstly uploaded.

 Apr 16 2015

Missions are hard

I suggest reading the "readme" files, to know if mission is hard. I might not make a 100% but, after all, you'll like 100%. Still, I ain't sure.

 Apr 16 2015


I'll probably add more saves from random missions until i reach the 100% Also the ones with Zero. (laughter) I'm not sure since zero's mission "New model army" is hard...
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