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 Jul 25 2007

New Stuff

Posted by damienmorgan.
Mitsubishi iCar

Also building up a blueprint and image resource to make cars for GTA IV (hopefully its mod friendly). May concentrate on modern everyday cars to replace the 'b' cars and luxury saloons (Lexus, BMW etc)and the odd car that takes my fancy like the Raybring NSX.

 Jul 04 2007


Posted by damienmorgan.
No probs just upload a copy of zmodeler2 at, they also have tutorials on the site. Its a little hard at first
but you should get through it. Also a great blueprint resource is And a great reference site is at

Don't fear the verts.

 Jun 06 2007

The next car

Posted by damienmorgan.
Just started the latest BMW M6 convertible, not sure when it will be completed - I'm alot more comfortable with the modeling process though and have learnt from my previous models (the R8 and the Bugatti).
brick bit bit bit
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