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Viewing News for Spawn Gangs On Streets

 Apr 07 2014

Update Plan V1.3

Posted by Jonathan6506.
I'm currently trying to make you able to spawn more gang members (from different gangs).

 Jan 15 2014

Missing Script

Posted by Jonathan6506.
Sorry about the missing script on the rar file. It is because the file is corrupted. I had updated the new one (v1.1)

 Jan 11 2014

Different Balla & GSF Skins

Posted by Jonathan6506.
You may strangely notice that the GSF and the Ballas were not correct. Don't assume it's strange, it is just because I also use another mods. These are the mods: - Protagonist Homies - replace the GSF members - GTA III Columbian Cartel - replace the Ballas members
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