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 Dec 17 2013


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FINALLY it's all done, all outfits, all clothes changed, Vic Vance tattoo, dogtag, all outfits, with bonus clothes from Bully Scolarship Edition, GTA IV and GTA Vice City. Download this mod on the addons section and comment what you think about it, I recommend to use this mod with other GTA VCS modsEX: GTA VCS hud, weather, weapons, etc. I know this doesn't have .dff models, it's only textures, but they fit well on this player mod. Feel free to leave personal mesages about anything you like to discuss (bugs, ideas, or other things), or contact me by sending an email (email provided on my mod .zip file) PS: There are NEW hand models in this mod, they're not made by me, I've downloaded it long time ago in a brazilian mod site.. Since they dind't have the author's name I can't give him credits, but this way you know.. If you know the athor's name tell me and I post his name here.
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