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 Aug 10 2013

v.1 Finished!

Posted by gta.adiktus.
Mediafire link: Can't upload the file to GTAG on this computer shop.

 Aug 09 2013

v.1 feautures

Posted by gta.adiktus.
I'm at a computer shop atm, because we have no electric power at home. There's no 3dsmax here, and I can't make a good look-alike of the cap as of the moment. So, what I can give you currently is the Wip Cap with only a STFU(Shut The Fuck Up) label at the back because when I put the 2 microphones forming an X symbol, the whole cap gets the logo all around the cap. On version 2 of the mod, I will use 3dsmax, and search for a better model of a cap and make a Fliptop WipCap that really looks like the original from the show. Anyways, version 1 still has some good shades of gray color on it, plus the STFU.
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