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Viewing News for Tommy's Colored Shirts

 Sep 26 2007


Posted by SpeedyDVV.
3211 Downloads.. Even shared over 28 files, it is a pretty impressing number..

I must thank you guys for your downloading, I truly appreciate it. I thought nobody'd like these colored shirts, but then I started seeing the download number go up..

Seriously, I appreciate it!

However, I must still mention I'm kind of truly done with making shirts. I've been focusing more on SA:MP lately instead of Vice City, and I haven't made a single different shirt since I posted last time..

So, I'm labelling this as 'Complete'. No longer a Work In Progess...

Maybe that one day, I'll make another shirt, but that is far away.

See you on GTA IV! ;)

 Apr 24 2007

Just new bonuses this time

Posted by SpeedyDVV.
But I'm about to upload all files seperately now AGAIN.

I've found out that it's a pain to delete-then-reupload the zip files. I'd rather upload it once then be over with it.

Anyway, this time just bonuses. Also, I've classified the Red Hawaiian shirt as bonus, since it's technically not a planned shirt.

I'm going to do more 'spotless' shirts like the green one, and should be out along with a teensy new bonus next update.

For this update, there's the Megaman Outfit without Helmet, as promised last time, and some.. minor edits I personally found funny to make.
Tommy runs around in the warm sun, and one would expect him to tan already. So, here, he's tanned.
Also, I've made a Tommy which has been in the sun TOO LONG, but I think I might've accidentally changed his skin color to resemble Lance..
Also, I had this really cool idea to make tommy completely gray, as if he's from one of those old shows, from when there was no color tv.. Weeeeell, in the end I got kinda frustrated with it and just gave the guy a gray pallette instead. >.>;

If there's no files for download, thats because they're either still being uploaded OR because they haven't been accepted yet. Dont worry, after this they'll stay accepted, since they're no longer in one package.

 Apr 22 2007

Two more shirts!

Posted by SpeedyDVV.
This update, I'm bringing with me the SPOTLESS Green Shirt (aka it doesn't have the gradient but is completely green) as well as the Red Hawai shirt.

Yeah, I know I said out with the Hawai shirts but you must admit it was a good choice of clothing for Tommy...

Also, two additional bonuses, which both took me A LOT OF TIME, and still have some small flaws.

There's Tommy wearing Claude's clothing and Tommy wearing a Megaman outfit. As Megaman fan, I couldn't help but try making that, and I must say it has worked out.. I might 'remove' the helmet in the future though, since that's the #1 thing bothering me.. Or perhaps add an additional bonus of a helmetless Megaman outfit.. I dont know, I guess only time will tell.

..And yeah, still no screenshots. I keep forgetting to make them.

 Apr 22 2007

Shirts R me

Posted by SpeedyDVV.
...Okay, forget waiting, I've been working a little just now and have already finished up a bunch other colors.

There is now also Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Darkblue, Purple, Pink and Grey, in addition to the pre-existing Green.

Each of them also come with the additional glasses.

Also, I've decided to leave out seperate zip files anyway. Just download 'em all, they're not big.

If there's a color you dont like, delete it!

Also, additional bonus, there's a tommy skin with just glasses, but they're CLEAR, you can still see his normal eyes. Added to THAT is another bonus of a blue-striped shirt, which is yet untested in Vice City so it may look hideous, but it will work.

I'll be taking screenshots in the future, around when I'm testing how the blue-striped shirt looks.

 Apr 22 2007

Starting off...

Posted by SpeedyDVV.
Well, this is actually the first and most easiest work I've done on ANY GTA game.. These skins are actually a year old already, and have thusfar only been for.. private use. ;)

As you can probably guess, my favorite color is green, so therefore, that's the first color.

I'm going to be making some other colors, too, and perhaps some original designs as well.

I'll keep you posted.
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