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 May 06 2007

Ha, finished

Posted by Chong McBong.
well version 1 is out therefor all you mini maniacs.
if you downloaded versio 1.0, please re-download, there were issues with that version.. 1.1 has been tested, and is LESS polygons, which is good as it was over 250000, which was a bit silly..

 Apr 16 2007

Getting There

Posted by Chong McBong.
body welded up, petrol cap done, bumpers finally on, and lots more done.. watch this space for updates, release date sill not known, but is coming up very soon.. it may take slightly longer than planned as it is a very complicated shape [although it may not look it] ..
badges now done, and seams, and some more bits, progress has been delayed a bit, but this mod WILL be released by the 10th of may.
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit