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 Apr 29 2013

v2 uploaded!

Posted by ghpranav.
NOTE:Download v2 from the link given below bcuz admins still haven't approoved(don't download v1) yes, v2 and a new pic uploaded and it is waiting approval which is fully like gta iv, I was very sad bcuz nobody came to help me to do this, so I made this myself. As admins are taking time to approve, I'm leaking the mod: pic- mod-

 Apr 18 2013

Sorry people :_(

Posted by ghpranav.
I'm finally free from studies but now I corrupted my hard disk which made me to format it, so now I can't develop this mod anymore, so my request is plz anybody make this mod correct, plz help me, I want to see people happy, so if you are interested then don't hesitate to contact me. Email:[email protected]
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