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 Apr 25 2007

Improvements coming!

Posted by crazyanurag.
i haven't been able to put much time into the save lately, but these updates would be up soon:

- Max Driving Skill
- Max Flying Skill
- Max Gambling Skill
- $$$Money$$$
- More Weapons/Ammo
- extras!

You'll Never Walk Alone

 Apr 02 2007

V2 Scripts added

Posted by crazyanurag.
i've added the V2 scripts to the downloads available for the now you get all the stuff at one place ;)

thanks to redskin_core for pointing out that the link to the V2 scripts in the linked topic isn't working...

thanks also to STM for increasing the file-size limit for the files...

You'll Never Walk Alone

 Mar 31 2007

Files Approved

Posted by crazyanurag.
the downloads for the "Crazy Starter" are now On Site at GTAGarage...there are 3 files: one with the save and Stats, one with the save only, and the third with the Stats only.

there are 10 screenshots available, detailing some of the highlights of the save...

You'll Never Walk Alone

 Mar 30 2007

Crazy Starter Save released

Posted by crazyanurag.
The "Crazy Starter Save" is now available.

Approval at GTAGarage is awaited.

Topic at GTAForums:

You'll Never Walk Alone

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