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 Nov 07 2014

1.3 Released!

Posted by Silent.
A new ASI Loader version has been released! It features only a single tiny change - support for the new SA Steam Executable has been added! Still, NO ASI mod will be compatible with this Executable until the mod's updated.

 Jan 26 2014

1.2 Released!

Posted by SilentPL.
Silent's ASI Loader 1.2 has been released! This version changed the way ASI plugins are loaded (again), so now they load after the EXE is encrypted. Useful when using plugins with non-cracked EXEs or Steam version, as plugin developers don't have to care about wait for EXE decrypt anymore.

 Dec 27 2012

1.1 Released!

Posted by SilentPL.
New version of the loader is released. It features advanced plugin management features, allowing you to load plugins exclusive for specific Executable versions and more.
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