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 Feb 14 2007

Incoming New Version!

Posted by GTAPlayer-X93.
After a long time, new version is coming this day. Tags are completed and driving skill-lung capacity is maximum. As always, much more ammo and LS's population is drastically reduced .:P

 Jan 20 2007

What's new in V 1.8

Posted by GTAPlayer-X93.
My last exams are finished, and version 1.8 is ready. You will have much more ammo and money in this save, 8-Track challange completed again with 5.18 minutes and 23 seconds lap time. More detailed information:

-3500000 $ to start with (Going strong ;) ).
-Much more ammo looted from streets of San Andreas. And rare weapons collected.
*472 Desert Eagle Ammo (maybe more:) ).
*670 Combat Shotgun Ammo.
*4250 SMG Ammo.
*2170 M4 Ammo.
*142 Sniper Rifle Ammo.
*1200 Minigun Ammo.
*308 Grenades.
*1710 Paint Ammo.
*Cane, Parachute, Brast-Knuckles and Katana.
*5000 People wasted, 1600 is gang member (LOL).
*Half-Maxed Stamina.
*Driving Skill is %82.
*Rank is Foot Soldier with 8300 Score.
*Accuracy is %92-%94.
*Not started to story missions.

That's all i can remember...:)
Do not forget to check out stats! ;)

 Jan 18 2007


Posted by GTAPlayer-X93.
I'm not working on this save for a few days, im 13 yearsold and must study for school .

 Jan 16 2007

What's new in 1.5

Posted by GTAPlayer-X93.
New update is ready. You can find enhancements here...

-Money is more than 2500000 $ now.
-More ammo looted from streets of San Andreas:
*Desert Eagle with 310 ammo (or more:)).
*Combat Shotgun with 315 ammo.
*SMG with 1850 ammo.
*M4 with 1300 ammo.
*Sniper rifle with 128 ammo.
*Minigun with 600-700 ammo.
*110 Grenades.
*Parachute, Brast Knuckles, Knife and Cane.
-Respect: Maxed out.
-8-Track Challange Completed (Monster Truck and Racing Vehicle near stadium at East Beach).
-Rank is Shooter with 7100 score.
-Accuracy is %95.
-3800 People wasted, 1200 is gang member.
-Progress is %7.49.
-Didn't busted or hospital visited.
-Didn't started to story missions.

That's all i can remember for this update.

 Jan 15 2007

All Updates Here

Posted by GTAPlayer-X93.
Working on and going strong, im updating saves just like everyday!;D You can find updates here... ;)

Whats New In Ver. 1.1

-Money is 1500000 $ now.
-More ammo collected. All weapons have 2*(two times) more ammo.
-More than 3000 people wasted, 900-990 is gang member.
-Half-Maxed Driving skill.
-Didn't busted or hospital visited.
-Accuracy is %91-%96

That's all i can remember. Enjoy!
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