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 Aug 11 2013

German translation available!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
Thanks to a very kind user called "Nights774", who made the Standard German translation, now the mod is available in three different languages! Simply download the language pack and follow the instructions! And remember: if you want to make your own translation, send it to me via PM and I'll upload it here.

 Mar 03 2013

Want another translation?

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
In that case, why don't you make it? I really appreciate user-made translations! Simply open the English translation (CLEO\CLEO_TEXT\switch_en.fxt) with Notepad, edit the messages and the credits, upload it to any hosting and send me the link via PM. I'll adapt it to a standard format if necessary and then I'll upload a translation pack.

 Jan 08 2013

Version 1.3 hotfix released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
I released a quick hotfix to 1.3 version (it'll replace it). It finally fixes the falling of bikes bug! :D

 Jan 04 2013

Version 1.3 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This new version includes a changelog and huge improvements. You can see the changes by yourself when downloading it. Also, boats where included (but in beta state; you have to activate them in the new mod config). CLEO 3 fell short for all the changes that have been made, so you require CLEO 4 now. The download includes a link to download it.

 Dec 13 2012

Developing 1.3

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version'll fix the known bugs and add boats. I'll release it when I think that works smoothly and realistic. It includes, for first time, a complete changelog, so you'll see the changes by yourself :)

 Nov 13 2012

Version 1.2.6 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version fixes two bugs. In addition to that, now, when switching the driver on a helicopter, the game's camera'll be cinematic. You can restore it to the normal camera instantly. It'll be automatically restored when you finish the travel. Also, the possibility of a bad landing was removed.

 Nov 11 2012

Version 1.2.5 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version includes some minor fixes and better helicopter script. Helicopters land well now, but there's a chance that your homie won't land it corectly!

 Nov 10 2012

Version 1.2.4 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version modifies a little feature of the mod: now, you're able to use this mod not only with homies! If you recruit another ped, it will drive as a homie would! I think that is perfect for movies. If GTA Garage accepts this mod soon, I won't release an alternative download link.

 Oct 24 2012

Version 1.2.3 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version allows you to tell your homie to go faster, so the normal speed has been reduced. It also makes the driving more realistic, and your homie now sohuldn't be able to do very tight turns. NOTE: because of the speed that GTA Garage accepts the files this days, I won't release an alternative download link.

 Oct 20 2012

Version 1.2.2 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version solves completely the one-seat cars bug. Now you can use a BMX without any risk of crashing the game! This version also closes the car doors when your homie is driving, so nobody can steal the car :)

 Oct 20 2012

Version 1.2.1 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version fixes a minor bug with Drive-By allowed weapons. I'm trying to completly fix the one-seat cars bug, because it's not completly fixed yet.

 Oct 18 2012

Hotfix released

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
Due to the important bug with one-seat cars, I released this hotfix. It fixes the crashes when you drive normal or rare cars, but not with hacked cars (example: RC Cam).

 Oct 17 2012

Version 1.2 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This mod is getting better with this version! I put some hard work into it, and the result is nice. It's not an another world script, but it's better and more functiocional, espacially thanks to the inclusion of helicopters.

 Oct 16 2012

1.2 changelog

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
1.2 it's going good! Here are all the changes: Thanks to a comment, now your homies can pilot helicopters too, but not planes (planes is too much!) Some bugfixes. Now you can stop the car when doing drive-by. Stopping the car is smoother now.

 Oct 15 2012

Working in the mod again!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
Finally, GTAGarage accepted the files! It took so long... but now you can enjoy the mod! The consequence of that is that I will work in the mod again, so the version 1.2 will exist. Thanks for your support!

 Jun 14 2012

Version 1.1 released!

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
After an inactive time, I'm proud of presenting you the 1.1 version of the mod! This version fixes a lot of known bugs, and now the mod cannot be used in mission or interiors. I highly recommend you downloading this version, because 1.0 it's not very stable ;)

 Apr 08 2012

Version 1.1 at full development

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
This version will fix some bugs and improve the avaiable features of the mod. Also, it includes a target marker check that avoids the car from crashing and doing strange things when the target marker doesn't exists, and a document for teach you how to translate the mod to your language. I'll upload it when I finish it! Currently I'm testing the version, so in a few days it'll be avaiable :)

 Apr 07 2012

Download and screenshots

Posted by AlexTMjugador.
The download and screenshots will be avaiable when the mods of GTA Garage accept them. Sorry for waiting.
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