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 Dec 21 2006

V.3 update

Posted by modeeper.
Cop cars (handling file): Much more spectacular crash than previous versions.

Cops (pedstats file) (animation group file): All cops and emergency peds are blind, run like women, afraid of everything.

Weapons: All firearms have more potent damage factors and increased range except the cop .45 and cop shotgun, they have a one-meter range and the lowest bullet damage.

Cars: (handling file) All muscle cars faster and improved handling; Infernus, Hotknife and ZR350 over 2000 KPH. Damage factor set to zero. All sport bikes at 800 KPH. All bicycles at 240 KPH.

Effects: Cops are stupider than in previous versions. Their pistols and pump shotgun have such a short range they can't get close enough to you to shoot. They'll huddle around you and swear. But when you take a cop's .45 or shotgun it will become long range effective.

Many peds are less aggressive, especially taxi drivers. Prozies are tougher. Your gang is stronger and tougher, the others are weaker.
The police maverick and all emergency vehicles have a high damage factor. They die easily.
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