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 Jul 04 2013

Version 2.1 Finished

Posted by gtafan113.
I finished working on Version 2.1 today. Here are the fixes: Changed the saving system back to the .ini file, but each save slot is saved separately so the problem I initially had with the .ini file has been solved. I made the loan and savings account interests subroutines of the ATM script instead of having their own scripts, so if you have a lower version when you install this one, be sure to remove ATMLoan.cs, ATMLoanInterest.cs, and ATMSavings.cs from your CLEO folder. The new file has not been approved yet, but I will post a new update when it is.

 Jun 30 2013

Version 2.0 Approved

Posted by gtafan113.
The new version has finally been uploaded and anyone who downloaded v1.1 should now download the new version, 2.0.

 Jun 13 2013

New Version 2.0

Posted by gtafan113.
I just uploaded a new version that uses CLEO variables to store the balances of the two accounts and loan so that they are stored across different save files. I also fixed a few bugs with how loans were working. READ THIS: The new version has not been approved yet so please wait until it is approved to download it. The current version 1.1 is the old one and still has the bugs that I listed above as being fixed.
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