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 Apr 29 2011

Ultimate Strter Project finished

Posted by Arsen Vitiuk.
Today the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game: The Ultimate Starter project has been completed. The project took 21 days to complete with 5 players having participated. The world will now see the Chain Game Ultimate Starters on GTANet in a short time. Although the Ultimate Starters have been done before, the project leader, Arsen Vitiuk. told us that this Ultimate Starter was special: "I know that GTA:III is a 9-year old game and many Ultimate Starter Saves have been done before. But this Ultimate Starter is special. Special because it was a collaborative work whilst all other are a one-man job." We should remind that the Ultimate Starter Save is a save where all possible side missions in the game have been done before doing any storyline mission. This kind of saves is harder to accomplish since in many games there are side missions that are unavailable in the beginning, and in other games, like Grand Theft Auto series, some areas are sealed off from normal access, thus requiring some skill, work and time to assemble such a save. That's all for now. Keep track of our news update in the future! - Chain Game Chronic, April 29 2011
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