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Viewing News for Infernus-VR

 May 10 2006

New release!

Posted by Herne.
0.6b has been released!


More "extras" (model variance):
Standard (Open top).
Hard top.
Check out the new screenshot.

Colour coded lenses:
The colour of the headlight lense will now match
the secondary car colour. Unfortunately It's
IMPOSSIBLE to do the same with the colour of the
actual light. But cool all the same.. right?

Fixed handling:
I made a booboo with the handling in the 0.5 readme!
There were ~s in the place of the -es!!
This is fixed now.

The model is kinda rough because I can't do normals (I'm just no good at them!) But It's not too bad.

Soo anyway, I like comments. Has anyone actually sucesfully isntalled it?
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit