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Viewing News for Swat III Securica

 Apr 17 2011

Swatvan V3 done!

Posted by MG3.
Changes: -Model reconversion -Added police lights (from gta iv) -New wheels -NO ENTERABLE, Sorry (wait the update) Enterable version soon.

 Mar 27 2011

V3 Final edits.

Posted by MG3.
Added police lights, collision remake, wheels and a new steerwheel. i added too a heavy handilng. if you want the vehicle entrable without bugs you should replace.

 Jan 26 2011

News of the progress.

Posted by MG3.
Added blue police lights like nashville swat... New steering wheel and pedals from a 3d model of a Lincoln navigator. And 2 versions, enterable and no enterable. (the same collision from the V2) The thing what im doing now is a radio and extras (im converting a good mp5 for there xDD) Thats all, im going to finish soon.

 Jan 21 2011

Bad and Good news

Posted by MG3.
After creating the Cadillac Gage Peacekeeper (in this section) im working on Swat scurica Here are the news: Bad news... Im updating the model collision again, but i cant fix it. i think what the new version is going to be with the bugged collision of the V2. Good news... I added police lights to the car, in the interior there will be weapons as extras. The steering wheel is going to be fixed (not the texture) im going to add a new 3D one. And i will add some reflections.

 Jan 06 2011


Posted by MG3.
Updated version done with enterable cargoplace.
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit