Viewing News for CJ's Private Island

 Apr 24 2006

1.0 Final Version coming soon!

Posted by CharlieDu.
Finally, a isle that without any bugs:)
i added 10 interiors including a savehouse
access to liberty city
and more

an airport
a dock
a stunt land underwater
and more

more info soon

 Apr 07 2006

Preview Pack 2 Released

Posted by CharlieDu.
-----------------COPYRIGHT PROTECTED!!!------------
---WHATS IN IT?---
This mod is devided in to 3 parts: Main Island, Tunnel(link between the main island and the stunt land) and Stunt land.
This the half-finished mod.
the main island is done
the tunnels are half done
i have not yet put objects in the stunt land (only the land)

---Changed from Preview Pack 1---
I started a whole new one
the island is bigger than the first one
about 1090 objects on the island
about 1110 objects on the tunnel (still half finished)
about 240 land objects on the stunt area (i havn't put any objects in)

---What's Fun?---
There are:
A airbase,
a complete gym
a complete casino
fast-foods (Noodle, dogcart automatic buying machine)
Full of fun buildings
new roads
just above sea level (you cal hear the sea-noise)
greenalised (that means, lots of trees and flowers)
four basketball courts
a entertainment system plus a sofa
people spawn up there
a motorbike corss
policemen cannot get there (stay in the isle, you will decreas you wanted level slowly)
3 bridges (3 entrances and gates)
2 big parking lots
a beautiful fountain
a petrol station (lots of explosives)
nearly 5000 metres above sa (Stunt land)
two stunt areas (one above San Fierro Airport, one above Verdant Meadows, tunnels between them,
you can test the real speeeeeeeeed of my modded Turismo;))
Enjoy the beautiful ocean and Santa Marina Beach from the tunnel
New Handling for Turismo: up to 4000km per hour

 Mar 29 2006

Preview V0.2b coming out soon!

Posted by CharlieDu.
this pack totally changed the preview v0.1!
New island with new amazing buildings and a park!
fastfoods resturant
a whole gym
a complete casino
a betting machine
and more

stunt park
NEW, 4956 meters above SA
shops in the tunnel
people spawn up there!(you can kill as many as you can! get a 6 star wanted and police won't bother you! instead you could see the police helicopters crash on the tunnels Fun!)
2 stunt parks: one above Las Vegas, one above San Fierro(tunnels between them!)

bugs: havin't found
changed: fixed the hidden colls in SA and added 3 roads to get on them (flint country, santa marina beach and los santos international airport)
more stable

 Mar 22 2006


Posted by CharlieDu.
-----------Preview Released-----------
This file is only a preview.
note the island and stunt park is not finished
1 Put all three "CJIsle1.ipl, CJIsle2.ipl, CJIsle3.ipl"
into your gamedirdatamaps and add the line
under the line
IPL DATAMAPScountrycountryW.IPL
in gta.dat in data dir
2 Replace the Turismo handling line with my one
----------Preview Released-------------
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit