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Viewing News for IV_MP3

 Nov 25 2010

Version 2.4

Posted by sjaak327.
Version 2.4 is uploaded: -Fixed small bug when cutscene was finished, and normal radio would also be enabled (low volume), this is prevented now -When re-enabling the mod, the track played is the next track from the last played track

 Nov 23 2010

Version 2.3

Posted by sjaak327.
Small change, when you enable the MP3 player, changing cars will no longer disable the mod, also changing stations will no longer disable the mod. To return to normal radio, press the stop button.

 Nov 03 2010

Version 2.2

Posted by sjaak327.
Version 2.2 is uploaded: -Ability to adjust the volume of the songs only (other game sounds are not adjusted) by using num 9 for volume up and num 7 for volume down. Also the ability to set the volume in the ini file. -IV_MP3 will be paused whenever a cutscene is running, it will be resumed after the cutscene is finished or skipped. -Added ability to listen to streaming media using URL (refer to readme). Supported are mms and shoutcast streams, you need to enable the usage of URL ingame (T), when using URL, other normal songs will not be loaded, also the mod runs in limited functionality.
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