Viewing News for GTASA (PC) for v2.0

 Jun 04 2006

Advanced Starter

Posted by Plaka.
I made an Advanced starter save game:

This was completed using in part the 'No Wanted Level exploit' as detailed by pdescobar:

Last Mission completed - Nines and AK's, so it is still possible for you to go 'exploring' on your own, once 'Drive-By' starts DON'T enter the car and you can go anywhere you want without getting a 4 Star Wanted Level.

Vigilante, Paramedic, Firefighter, Taxi Missions completed
150% Armor, Max Health increased (the red bar,) Fireproof, Taxi's have NOS.

100% Stamina
100% Lung Capacity
100% Cycling Skill

Weapon Skills:
6 x Gangster level
4 x Hitman level

Burglary Mission completed - Infinite sprint

Collectibles obtained
100 Tags, weapons: Molotovs, Sawn-off shotgun, Machine Pistol, AK47, CJ's house in the Grove.
50 Snapshots, weapons: Shotgun, TEC9, Sniper Rifle, Grenades. at Doherty Garage.
50 Oysters, weapons: girlfriends will date you without limitations ...
50 Horsehoes, weapons: Combat Shotgun, M4, SMG, Satchel Charges, at the Four Dragons Casino.

Pilot's License acquired giving unrestricted access to the airports.

Busted/Wasted: 0/0
Progress: 7.49%
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